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About Us

This journey started with me, Fredrik and my friend Christian, going on a midlife retirement together. A quest for a joyful experience in Africa. Going on bicycles from Nairobi in Kenya and making our way down to Cape of good hope in South Africa. We told our fiends about what we wanted to do and the reactions were "Africa, that is dangerous, you will get murdered raped and killed by an evil tribe, a gerilla soldier or some wild big cat." and when they heard we wanted to cycle "Oh can you really do that? Then what kind of expensive mountainbike will you use? And do you have sponsors and why and what for are you cycling. Are you cycling or raising money for the cure of cancer or HIV?" So to tell about the real Africa we started to write this blog and share our own experience along the journey. A journey which you could take great part of by following and by giving money to charity. Yes we actually started our own charity fund. We thought it would be more direct and also fun that people back home or in the world can take part in our journey even more if they tell us how much money we should give out in charity projects. So we bought gifts and gave out the donations the coming days. This is idea is making you the interactive participant in the quest for happy people, you, us and the receivers. Now I run this on my own but my wish is that it does not end with this one journey and the solution to that is the scholarship.


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How I met Christian 

As the owner of a wooden ship, Havheld of Stockholm, I wanted people to play music on the ship while sailing. So I bought the cheapest guitar. The guitar had no strings so I announced on Facebook that I needed plastic strings for this guitar in exchange for sailing. There became an argument among three musicians, all wanting to sail for what actually was nylon strings. The early sunday mourning and time for hopping on the ship, Christian showed up. They sailed  together and Christian both sailed and entertained with one fender in each hand. It was a perfect match and together they created an open mike on the ship that has been a nice summer activity for four years. The ship is at this very moment for sale but you can see more of it on Facebook, Havheld of Stockholm.


The pair went separate ways from early February. Fredrik continued the journey on his own.


An architect, at Pnthaus AB and sailing captain.


A musician and schoolteacher, founder of Cyclefundjaro together with Fredrik. Now he is gone to relax somewhere. But he did I great journey traveling over 2 month on his bicycle.


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