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We are on the go!

Sweaty day which made us get not more tha n two final calls...Christian Johänsen and Frederik Sweatbrand please go to gate F66! Final call! We were rusching like crazy. In the last 60 seconds before entering the gate Fredrik sent the old money he found a week ago to Riksbanken for the funding. We are now on the plane and feel sweaty like we could have been traveling for a week. Of course we are exhausted from the last weeks of long todolists. Now rest and tomorrow lunch we plan to be in Nairobi. Next post

The bicycles

Funding +108 USD Bikeforfood Tina The stresslevel is maximized theese last days. We both have about 30 things on our todo lists. Have we packed no, cleaned our apartments no and still there are a lot before we leave. But the bicycles are finally payed. (Note: After finishing our trip in summer 2017 we can not recommend this company who really showed no understanding or support in anyway for our trip, the many problems and it really has made us angry) The bicycles of choise for this kind of trip is two of thesame brand and kind so we have thesame spare parts and need thesame tools. We choose a simple and durable kind of bike rather then cool gear and things which might brake. A steel frame be

Stashing up in Ullared

Funding +204 USD Christians really nice and decent parents +32 USD Have a nice trip open your eyes and your heart. Last week I went to visit my family i the south of Sweden in a lovely place called Landeryd. It was nice to see the family and say goodbye to everyone before the journey. While there, I also took the opportunity to go and buy some necessities for the trip at the infamous Ge-Kås in the little village of Ullared. It's a low price department store that is so popular in Sweden, that it has become the most visited single tourist attraction in Sweden every year. (this is the most recent photo I found of them. From 1976. The guy in the lovely white dress is my dear older brother) This

New blogg

It was time to do something about our terrible blogg, which could hardly be understood in the smartphone-version. Next post

Goodbye Sweden Hallå Afrika

Funding +76 USD Ha det bäst och trampa försiktigt! /Anna Goodbye party in Fredriks place. We built an interior of Lego by Fredriks own designed hanging table. Next post

The tickets!!

So today we finally booked the tickets. On Wednesday the 30th of November we are leaving Stockholm and Sweden behind for a good while now. There are still other preparations to be done. Today I (Christian) got my second vaccination shot for Hep A+B and also a Yellow fever vaccination. The trick to not be afraid of needles is to smile like a moron and be focused on taking a picture for your blog instead. Worked like a charm. =) And finally, for reference. Here is a picture from my neighbourhood taken yesterday when the rain was pouring down. I can't say that I will be missing this very much. That's all for now. Be well and be awesome! Next post

The Jönssonligan syndrome

Funding +456 USD From Fredrik to African startup entrepreneurs. After a hectic autumn, actually still in the chaos, I did a great discovery yesterday Since we will be away for many month, probably half a year or who knows?! :) I rent out my apartment. Me being a stressed and late landlord, I delivered the place. My guest did not want the sofa but she wanted the ikea-sofa pillows or the pillows, without the cover. So I agreed on taking of the covers and store them too. Then I start removing the covers. A hundred bill of svenska riksdaler falls out. Woups! another 100 and a bunch of 20s and some 50s Wow! 4190 swedish kronors, 5 euros and an american 1 dollar bill fell out in total. Yippie ka

Meeting with the elder

The other day, I (Christian) payed a visit to an old friend who have been to eastern and southern Africa twice. The lovely Malin Sjöblom told some inspiring stories about her two trips and gave some usable advice for our upcoming trip. The picture in the background between us, is from Lake Bunyoni, Uganda. Malin knows a local ugandian man helping a pygmée tribe with education and land to live on. Below is the original picture. Malin also told me about her adventures with the mountain gorillas in Uganda. "If you have any doubts about going there, you're crazy", she told me. It is not to be missed. A lion roaring in the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya. Don't get to close. =) And if you wonder,

Exited in Winterland

A short movie as I have butterflies in my belly, thinking of the recent journey, our jaro. Next post

Inspirational exitment

Yesterday Fredrik and some friends gathered for their yearly Halloween carving. Now it is really feeling close to take off for this "jaro" (Kichagga language word jaro meaning caravan or journey). The plan is to fly out in late november. Tickets are right now about 500 euro one way to Nairobi. Exitment to go is really increasing and so it tells even in pumkin carving. Next post

Meeting about media and visa photos

Once again, we have met to plan for our trip. This is our fourth meeting. We have now talked about what direction is best to travel, given that there will be rain periods clashing with our travelling schedule. So our plan is to start in Kenya and travel around lake Victoria through Uganda and Rwanda and onwards to Tanzania. There we are planning on trying to reach the peak of Kilimanjaro before travelling furthermore south. The next country on our list (as the smart reader can figure out from looking at our map above) will be Malawi. After that we go through Zambia and Zimbabwe via Mozambique to (hopefully) Madagascar. Upon return from Madagascar we make our way through Mozambique


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