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On the roads of Uganda 1/2

We wake up at 5 am. We load the bicycles and have a great day of riding. It is beneficial to start early. Using the cool morning and also having some distance done early in the day. We go on the big tarmac road with smoking trucks. We take our time to visit Sina, a place for Ugandan children and people to go for free education, payed and founded by a german organization. The education is in stages. Some kids here come from the streets or orphanages and the first stage is unlearning unbenefitial behavior. There are stages of self confidence and creating your own project according to your talents and develop it to your future source of income. One of the projects which has now formed to a smal

The wedding, Real Life Children's Initiative 3/3

We stayed another day at the hostel Fat Cat in Kampala. Our new friend Luise from Germany have been working for one month as a midwife in Ishaka, western Uganda. She told us some really exciting stories about her job. She liked our idea of helping at the orphanage so she gladly did and really enjoyed it. So she also liked the idea of bicycling in Africa for a bit and without further notice we went to a shop for used bicycles and found a good japanese mountain bike for her in the center of Kampala. Luise also took us to her colleagues, sister’s wedding in Kampala. We dressed up as good as we could and showed up with a present. It was amazing how beautiful and luxurious it was, knowing that an

1 mama & 29 kids on 29 sqm, Real Life Children's Initiative 2/3

Funding: 10 USD Isabelle Kardelind; 20 USD Paulina Wilson & Anders Bäckman; 51 USD Moa Åström; 51 USD Linda Hammar; 97 USD Till Smigay (Germany) This was a great day! We went back to the Real Life Children’s Initiative home. Fredrik and two friends from the backpackers hostel, Luise and John. This was great to get some help from other foreigners, engaging and helping out in this project, showing our treasure and discovery of the value of giving. It is so fun. We set of on our bicycles all three of us, Luise borrowing Christian’s because he had some errands so he could not come. We find our ways though the crowded, noisy and chaotic traffic with boda-bodas (motorcycle taxis) and matatus (kill

- Mama Ngina Children's home. Revisited

Our dear friend Mital Shah has revisited the orphanage in Kisumu, Kenya to make sure that the shelves are in place. And for the most part it looks good, which will make it a lot easier for the children to keep their dorms tidy and keep the bedbugs away. This is one of two pieces of an old staircase that will serve as a bookshelf. The boys' storage room, where all shelves were broken. This top shelf is a missing link still, there may have been a carpenter from Stockholm doing this one, we are on to what has happened. The babies room The girls room, they used to have only three shelves, the rest were broken. As you can see, the storage is well needed. And a brand new shelf in the boys dormitor

Our christmas, Real Life Children's Initiative 1/3

Malin's fantastic friends (to the pygmies in Kabale) 1020 USD, Daniel from Israel 50 USD, Marie Nordquist-Kastling 51 USD; Jamilla Nordquist 10 USD ”Real Life Children's Initiative” slum tour I ask the staff in our lovely hostel Fat Cat here in Kampala, for help finding an orphanage. They are very helpful and provide me with a flyer of a ”Slum tour”. I don’t think this is our thing. Costing 25 dollars to see people in the dirt, which we do most days in this trip. The receptionist make a call and says a contact from the “Slum tour”-company can do it for free and that they will pick us up in an hour. Great, finally something happening on this trip again. We have gotten to know some people in t

A lost phone and a dead brother

Lesson learned; losing a phone is a very trivial thing. As mentioned earlier, my phone took a bath in the Nile, and wasn’t the same after that. So after some days of searching for a new phone, we found one. We also got around to fixing the bicycle back wheel that was broken. We enjoy staying at a backpackers hostel in the capital of Uganda, Kampala. It is nice to meet some other people for more than one day. Fredrik has tried to fix his phone but it was a terrible experience. We went river rafting and Fredrik brought the phone in a ”waterproof pocket”. Bad idea…but then again, most ideas are good until proved differently. So the phone got wet. We put it in a bag of rice for two days before

Star of the border academy

Thanks to: Lars Johansson, Camilla Johansson, Samy Ramdani Funding: It was a sweaty night with heat and mosquitos. Good thing that we were so tired or else there wouldn’t have been much sleep. (Pictures coming soon, i-phone is recovering from a swim in the Nile river, Uganda.) We had a tour around the house. In a 1000 sqm plot there is Ruth’s small house with three small bedrooms and small kitchen and livingroom. In this she has at times provided shelter for 15 kids. Also there is a bigger building, half complete, half construction sight. This building houses a dorm for 30 orphants. No bathrooms yet. There is also a separate house, maybe 10 sqm serving as a kitchen for 480 students. I have t

Footprints of Faith children´s home

Thanks to: Marie Nordquist Kastling, Annie Svensson, Maria Lemon, Lena Wennerberg, Sophia Litzén, Anders Larsson, Kristina Rydbeck, Therese Löf, For the orphanage From Christa, Patrik Ljunqvist, Ulrika Bohlin, Carina Köhler, Viveka Sjölund, Gustav Thor, Nina Morics, Kristin Nilsson, Eva Björkegren, Zandra Matsson, Jessica Råstam, Jaklin Tunc, Eva Björkegren, Daniel Axelsson, Jenny Ågren, Ann Nystedt Funding: Round Table Kisumu and Keval with family 100 USD, Sofia Ocana Vän till mor o far 10 USD, Today we started before sunrise. Waking up at five A.M. and ready to go half an hour later, we stood ready and waited for the first light to show and signal our start. The plan was to make it as far

Good bye Kisumu

Funding 21 USD Henrik Barck; 5 USD Anna Irding; 28 USD Daniel Axelsson; 20 USD Louise Flinck; 168 USD Julklapp till Afrika från bröderna Larsson, Unnaryd; 26 USD David Örtoft; 51 USD Evelina Axelsson (hjälp mammor) Yesterday we had a day of some internet and rest. Fredrik went to the childrens home for a couple of hours. Happily he was surprised by the children who just finnished cleaning there dorms. Then they played football together before saying goodbye. So we had a great last night with our good friends in Kisumu. A litle too good. Since neither one of us like making plans and are very spontaneous we were easy to convince on staying another night. So now we have been here for almost a w

You can only do so much - Mama Ngina Children's home 2/2

Thanks to: Funding John Thorsson, Evelyn Wallin, Lars Tobias Vestlund, Peder Berentsen, Britt-Marie Johansson, Ida Nordmark, Camilla Andersson, Lisa Hallberg, Carl Hallgren, Carina Jakobsson, Kajsa Pallin, Stina Andersson, Johannes Linder, Kerstin Wrisemo, Jan Trotter, Eva Svedbrant, Elena Magnell, Maria Eiserman, Karin Hjertén, Sabine Johansson, Rebecca Sten, Jens Tenland, Britta Djurberg-Sorby, Malin Samuelsson, Sofia Hedlund, Sara Ahlforn von Betzen, Andreas Jakobsson, Hans Malmström, Sandra Johansson, Ulf Pettersson, Gunilla Kardevall, Per Gunnar Stragne, Martin Törnfelt, David Sjölund, Karl Johan Abrahamsson, Fred Lundin, Frida Tordai, Minna Jonsson, Jerkinger Berg, Andrea Westling, Emm

You can only do so much -Mama Nginas children's home 1/2

Funding: +25 USD Cecilia Linde, +102 USD Susanna Wroblewski (hjälp mig göra något bra) Funds thanks too David Sjölund and Fredrik Svedbrant I cry as I am writing this. Tears have been coming off and on for the last hours since this event and visit of an orphanage in Kisumo, Kenya. We are feeling great as we come from the nearby supermarket, rolling in through the gates to Mama Ngina Children's home. We feel proud, like we are heroes riding white Toyota stallions. But soon this fairytale will be switched out for the bitter harsh truth. This is a quite tough chapter. So if you don’t feel that you are up for it, just know that I cried and you’d probably be better off reading the more fun part i

Camping life

We took a wrong turn in the morning or missed checking the map. So we cycled 30 km in the wrong direction, it started raining and we had a punctured tire. But luckily we hitchhiked back to where we started with the first car we waved in. We knew we would not make it to Kissumo so instead we cycled some 30 km and asked to camp in a garden. We made ourselfs understood by charades and the family laughed a lot. We later found out they actually spoke english. The man of the house was not home at the time and the girly part took of to the village. We had a walk around and were soon greeted and invited by Pamela, a mother of four boys. She, her husband and her brother and the kids opened there home

The prison

Donations made today thanks to Martin Holmstedt, Elin Stenberg, Mikael Sundebäck, Johan Abrahamsson, Ove och Monica, Richard Sjölin, David Sjölund, stig-Gunnar med familj, Joakim Erenlöf, Fredrik Svedbrant, Ulf Eriksson. We help well behaved prisoners to a second chance and a good future. We woke up in one of Kenya’s most safe towns, Kericho. Around 150’000 citizens, a university and fresh cool drinkable water running from the taps. The evening before, like being sent by the lord himself, reverend John Paul Orva bumped into Fredrik in the streets. The result of their meeting was the idea of helping three well behaved and changed prisoners to a new career and a possible way to make a good lif

First schooldesk

We are on our fourth cycle day and yesterday we saw the first desk. Yesterday we went to pay for 13 school desks. The village-elder was at the carpenter's to greet us. He and Charles (our generous host in Narok) will make sure the desks will all be delivered to the Kimaniy Nursery School. The elder also invited us to have lunch which we paid for and he was also very keen on intruduceing us to his daughter, who is working in another school now, but she would like to start a new one on a new plot. There have been some great cycling lately. Some quite long and steep climbs that have let us enjoy great views and have teached us to take advantage of the slow trucks and hitch rides by holding on

”For the readers of tomorrow”

Founding: Elin Stenberg +20 USD, Martin Holmstedt +15 USD, Johan Abrahamsson +51 USD, Karin Johansson +51 USD, Salle +20 USD. Cecilia Linde +25 USD, Sabine Johansson +10 USD. We get help to buy supplies and go to a school with insufficient furniture. Today we’ve had another great day. We are in Nakuru and our contact Charles met us last night when we arrived. For the ones following us from the start in Kenya you know this is the same guy Fredrik sat next to on the flight to Nairobi. Charles introduced us to his wife. Then he insisted on getting a friend to load our bicycles on to his truck and drive them to Charles’ home. Meanwhile we got a tour of our hosts office, the supermarket and his h

Race against the sun

Cissi till Africa 25 USD Sabine to Africa 10 USD We started our bikeride and lesson learned. We started out on our journey late afternoon. A bad decision that luckily went well. The assambling of the bikes had taken a lot more time than we thought. But we had a nice slow morning and got a charming swahili lesson from the waitress, Lindah. Albert the hotels caretaker helped us with the bicycles. And then, just before setting off even before leaving the hotel, we ironicly had a flat tire. From Maio mahu it went uphills for over 10 km, a tough start in a perfect swedish summer day, hot, even when the wind from the high hills of Rift valley was strong. We were glad to go and kids along the way w

Masai mara park

We went on a fantastic safari We were very fortunate to join the group in "the great run". And we were invited to go with them to the Masai mara park. A great strech of land with a huge amount of wild animals to watch. The land is bordering to Tanzanias Serengeti park wich is even bigger. Here inside the gate all the 4x4 cars took their own route and we were among the lucky ones, seeing lion couples on their honeymoon doing some adult hugging. We also saw an amazingly beautiful leopard walking and climbing by the river (See picture). Another rare moment was to see an African Cheetah (geopard) hunt and kill a small gasell. The second day, Me and Christian got an early start. Together with the


Funding +100 USD Sakesh and his brother, +100 USD Round Table Nairobi Donations made today thanks to Tina Nilsson, Maurizio Bazzi, and Anna Fredriksson. We woke up in a gated community and went out to help people on our first charity mission. On Friday, we also got a lot of help from Vikash and Punit Jani in Round Table, Nairobi. Vikash driver Hilary drove us around town on errands, and we also got help with a bunch of passport photos from his shop, to have when we apply for visas further on. Today we woke up early, unplugged our computers and cellphones and packed quickly. Silently we tiptoed out to the house security gate, which encloses half of Vikash home and makes the family feel safe.

Flying start

Funding +327 USD David Sjölund We are here, in Africa, Kenya, Nairobi, in a country with endless summer. After landing we are tired after a long flight, happy to be here and very thankful to Charles who sat next to us in the plane. Charles who lives in Kenya talked a lot about his country and gladly waited for us after landing, a good 20 minutes, just to make sure we got a fair price with a taxi. He lives on our planned path and we may see him soon again. So we get into a taxi on our way to a distant contact of Fredriks. But on the way plans got changed and the 20 min drive to his home became a two and a half our drive around Nairobis rural areas. It was not at all bad, we slept or watched t


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