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We only visit Rwanda briefly. We recovered our bad stomachs, laid around the swimingpool and hung out with some friends for a couple of days. We then cycle straight on to the border of Tanzania. 26 jan We drag ourselfs from the nice poolside hostel in Kigali. We had a good recovery time. And in this picture we love the bread, which is not all white and sweet. We also spent time with both our bicyclist friends Crazy Canadian John who has tried to get himself in to Kongo Dr for quite some time and also our lovely midwife Luise. We all met in Kampala over Christmas. One thing we spent our time on was getting the bicycles in order. Kigali may well be our best chance to prepare ourselfs before le

Bunyonyi Pygmies

This is a 1 bedroom flat (only one room, no kitchen, no toilet) in a clayhouse in Southern Uganda. The place, 3 by 3 meters in size, is furnished with a raised bed, about 1 m above the dirt stamped floor for better usage of the space. There is one straw carpet on the floor, covering a small part, just like the ones you see people bringing to the beach. The bed is big enough for 6 kids and their grandma. Yes the whole bed like structure is in the picture. Made of wood, some horizontal beams to lay on, and to make it comfortable and soft there is long dried grass to tuck yourself in with. No blankets are visible. The ventilation is a little over the top. The walls don’t connect with the tin ce

S:t Donati sec. shool

S:t Donati secondary school In Kyeshero there is a school called s:t Donati secondary school (there is also a primary school and a s:t Donati church). It is named after the christian saint Donatus but it also, of course, has as strong connection to the person who built them all, our host mr Donati himself. Though it should be mentioned that the villagers of Kyeshero were the ones naming the schools and the church. At the same day as Fredrik went to hospital with his unfortunate malaria incident, I payed a visit to s:t Donati sec. school. Sometimes it’s easier to do charity than in other places. This was one of the easier ones. I was picked up at the place where we were staying in a big car a

Leaving Uganda

We leave Uganda. The country on the equator with the average age less then 15 years old. Half of the population has less income then 1,25 USD per day. It is a country with a fast development together with other East African countries. It is also a country where we met both life and death, very close. We take with us a lot of experiences and some happy memmories. Read more about Uganda on wikepedia. It was the jobbigaste jävla skitmorgon for starting the day. We are well after having had bad stomachs and fevers for a few days, but this morning was cruel. We choose between the cycle path 20 km and the car road 30 km to the border town Katuna. Even if we had a bad experience going the bicycle r

Lake Bunyonyi, 900 liters deep

This post is about how we ride out of the jungle and reach a beautiful lake and the next day prepare to do a big charity. We woke up, camping in the pygmies’ lost forest catching very little sleep. We probably lay more comfortable on our inflatable mattresses then they usually do but nevertheless, we did not sleep good neither of us. A little scared of Pumba from the lion king or the sometimes very aggressive forest elephants. We did see fresh poop from elephants yesterday on the road and some older turds from the mighty gorillas. It is interesting with this that you can see what they have eaten. Like the gorilla has eaten these long threads looking like bark, just like the ones we found whe

Architecture of Uganda

This post is about the most common type of houses we see in Uganda, how they are constructed and what architectural elements the builder plays with. It is always fun travelling, being an architect. In my first year of studies a whole new world became visible. I started looking at the buildings and not only the people or what was happening in the streets. Suddenly so much more was happening. I saw the base, the columns, the floors. How it was planned depending on where the entrance and courtyard was visible. The roof structure and what visible architectural expressions you could model together with those components in that specific surrounding. A construction site is usually more interesting

The poorest of people comes from the richest of forests

We visit the Pygmies and see how they used to live in the forest before they were driven out. We also go to bed ourselves in there lost forrest to see how it is to sleep in a real jungle. Pygmies or Batwa people meaning the poorest of the poorest. As I write this I am laying under a tree. It is dark. I listen to the sound of crickets and mosquitoes outside of the thin tent fabric. Every now and then we here branches brake. We stop breathing and turn the red headlamp off and listen. It is exciting. We don't know if we are allowed to camp in this forest and there are some wild elephants, gorillas and at least five species of monkeys, probably wild pigs and a few snakes like the king cobra lurk

Malaria told by Dr Scott

This post is all in all about how Fredrik gets sick in Malaria and how you may eat some profylax pills or how to best avoid getting it. We tell mr Donati that we want to go to the school with about 75% orphants tomorrow and Donati makes some calls. Then we ask him to tell his story more thoroughly. He talks for a couple of hours, how he started with nothing, carried coffee from Kongo and slowly expanded his business in a thrilling life story. Once we wake up, Fredrik feels sick. Noxious and everything tastes funny. After the breakfast he goes back to bed. Christian goes with mr Donati, the school chairman and the school headmaster to see S:t Donati primary school. I sleep till afternoon. Th

Gorillas, border to Kongo

Funding: 102 USD Ewa Wyrwas; 20 USD Kristina Johansson (Use the money well!) In this post we meet the mighty gorillas, we walk far and wait long before the big silverback comes down to us. We decide to leave early next morning but we definitely want to come back again after a visit in the Bwindi impenetrable forest. We ride the last 10 km to the gorilla visitors office and we arrive only 10 minutes before today’s groups will start walking up the hill. No time to think about the price. This is a costly tourist attraction. 600 USD per person but this is also the only region in the world with mountain gorillas and in Rwanda the price is 1000 USD and in D.R. Congo it is cheaper, but it is not sa

Thousands of bats

Now we leave Ishaka and get back on the roads towards the border of Kongo. On the way we discover a great amount of bats. This boy has made himself his own transporting pushbike like many in this region. The weels are of wood and some carry up to 400 kg on these bikes. We cycle up and down the dusty dirt roads towards Kongo. The hills are steep so we have to walk a lot. The roads are bumpy from the rain periods when the roads are flooded, so we stand up to balance the weight and not put to much preassure on the back of our bicycles going on the steep downhills. The stones and gravel is partly in good size and shapes to roll our bicycles off the road if we go to close to the side of the road.

Child labour

Funding: 26 USD Johanna Persson Green (Använd pengarna till något bra!); 31 USD Jacob Söderberg (Bidrag till nått bra/ jakob); 20 USD Martin Jemarson (Grymma bröder stay strong); 15 USD Ulla Wiik; 204 USD Anders Svedbrant; 31 USD Myrthel Engelbrektsson; 20 USD From Lina and Lino, good luck!; 10 USD Maria Burger; 10 USD Gunilla Humble; 51 USD Anna Wendelin; 26 USD Jannike Nickander; 26 USD Fredrik Nickander; 31 USD Samy / to children of africa; 31 USD Karin Agerman (You are doing a fantastic job!); 51 USD Jacob Axelsson; 20 USD Hanna Berglind In this post we tell about a charity which we were really not so happy with. But we learn and do another one soon after, which felt really good. Helping

A baby is born, Midwife abroad 2/2

This is the second part of how it is to be a midwife in Uganda. And just like midwifes do, we see a baby entering the light of this world. We start our day with 8 o´clock divorsion. It is about half an hour of prayer and hymns in the chapel. It is also a small lecture with different topics every day. Today’s topic is nutritions and health and the lecturer is the pastor himself. This time the priest goes on about how to eat in a healthy way and how his round belly is not the best example of how it should be. Instead he directs the attention these two mzungus who cycled all the way from Nairobi, Kenya. To prove the theory he invites us to stand up but after a short look at us, soon tells Chri

Giving birth in Uganda, Midwife abroad 1/2

In this post we talk to Luise who is a very special person with fantastic stories about the small new people entering in this world. Kind of like Sankte Per but the reversed version. Name: Luise Smigay Age: 22 Nationality: German Occupation: Midwife, traveller, blogger (midwife abroad) So you left Germany as the top student in your class and directly you took off for Uganda to meet the toughest of conditions for a midwife. You are here working without salary for a hospital with financial problems. From what you have experienced they also lack of knowledge and equipment. We have understood that you have made some changes in their way of working. What are the big differences you experiences as

Reaching the hills of Ishaka

Funding: 6 USD John Thorsson (Because you do som many good things!! /John T); 10 USD Peter Niklasson (Happy new year!); 102 USD Emma Norén; 51 USD Camilla Rockström; 51 USD Lykke Johansson (for the kids); 23 USD David Sjölund; 17 USD Therese Löf; 102 USD Per-Henrik Branzell (Keep it up RT-Brother!) The landscape has been getting more hilly these last two days before some well deserved days of rest in Ishaka. It is more cloudy and in the evening it rains a good deal. We cycle all day and put around 60 km behind us. This leaves us with about 90 km to reach Ishaka the next day. Very misfortunate Christian hits a deceiving bump with his bike, and his phone falls out from the bicycle basket and b

New years! On the roads of Uganda 2/2

We go slowly in the perfect day. This is equivalent to a superb swedish summer day, or a just a normal one for Uganda, some clouds but around +30 degrees and in the afternoon there is much sun. We go on, get some pick nick in a small village. We role in, people starring, many smiles, many are waiving. Kids rush towards us but always stops a short distance from us. They watch us with big eyes. We buy tomatoes, a small onion, they have bananas some times, there is no peanut butter and we can only find a kind of crisp or snack which tastes exactly like Wasa knäckebröd. We buy some bread. You can only find something like white toast bread or sockerkaka/sponge cake, many times the bread is old an


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