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One goat and school material

So today I start the day with breakfast included. Local hotel breakfast is sweet chai tea, french fried potatoe chips, one boiled egg, white bread and butter. I pass the potatoes and make my own porrage in a cup with hot water. Then I fix the flat tyre. My body is telling me it was a long ride yesterday. Muscles are stiff in legs and back, also arms and core. Of course my but is a bit sour also. Another breakfast on the way. They have great drinking yoghurt here. And they make scones, great fresh bread! I go with a three out of five pase all day. I stop as I see a goat getting tied up in a less nice way on a bicycle front. It is a big female. In tribute to my former fellow companion Christia

Racing day

Nkata bay and Majoka lodge was nice. Very cute and fun built with a lot of small huts in a steep downhill. Toilet and shower with views to the lake, all very fairy tale style. A nice bar and restaurant with only european guests. I choose to camp next to the water. Love hearing the sound of the waves next to me. I forgot my computer in the last guest house but the Rumanian cyclist does me a great favour in bringing it. When he arrives it is allready afternoon and I feel like staying. So I swim with the parasites in the water ( ) . The water is so nice. I cant resist. Even if it rains now for a couple of hours at least every day it still gets hot

Different choices

I do have some serious issues with my bicycle back weel. So should I have choosen a different bike? I have got in touch with Cykelringen in Sweden selling me the bicycle and they don't want to help at all, not even giving guarantee for any of our two broken back wheels without seeing them first. So I am so angry on them. I role down the hills to Nkata bay by the lake with trouble on the way. I do have some serious issues with my bicycle back weel. Now the choice of bicycle was determined by me in this way. I have got in touch with Cykelringen in Sweden selling me the bicycle and they don't want to help at all, not even giving guarantee for any of our two broken back wheels without seeing the

Bale fp school

I sleep bad and wake up after 4 hours. Mosquitoes in the tent and loads of small ants. Apparently I accidently scratched a hole in the tent when moving it. I moved it a few feet, with bags inside just before nightfall to get under a roof to protect it from rain. I don't get more sleep so I get up at 4 am. I get ready for today's big climb. I am just about to leave when I see the flat tyre. So I get it fixed and now it is already 5.30. I go for breakfast in the village and when I am just finnished the Rumanian cyclist from yesterday night comes roling. This guy is special. He is big like a bear and he is cycling Kairo to Cape Town. He is afraid of fisch, dead or alive, he has a fobia. So as w

FloJa Foundation

I fix my back weel with great efforts and visit a nursery school. Cycling in Malawi theese first days is hot and beautiful. I sleep until 4 am and sit up. I know the back weel is destroyed beyond reparation. So I save all spokes and change the weel with Christians bicycles old front weel. This is a time consuming and long process. I so dislike the company that sold me this bicycle. It takes me two hours to get the spokes of the spare weel, another three hours to get the spokes of my back weel. I eat twice and finally I am done with the change after mid day. It was ok. A more beautiful spot to work in is hard to find and the first hours I enjoyed concentrating on my own. Then the family wakes

5 kids can go to school

I wake up, last morning in Tanzania. I and the fund help five kids to an education. I have big problems with the bike and enter Malavi. The night was ok. I thought I was woken to get robbed at three in the morning by some guy knocking on the door. He said things I did not understand for a minute. At that time I got up and took the fruitknife to the drawing table. I also blocked the door with thesame table. Then I was awake for another half hour. When I allmost fell asleep a rouster starts "Kuuuuukukuuu!!!" Close by. He goes on and when I finally allmost sleep. At five some religion is having a crazy cermoney. It starts at 5.00 am on a saturday!! This must be some other god...woodoo?! Sounds

Human dreams children village

Now we leave Zanzibar with the cheaper night ferry. We make our way with an other frerry in the morning to the orphanage in Kigamboni. So "somehow" me and Luise got a document of Tanzanian recidense. Which gave us the better price on the ferry to Dar-es-salam. We take the night ferry which is also cheaper and it saves us one night of accomodation. When we tell some locals about us going on this boat they smile and laugh. It is not a popular option. It is safe but not great it seems. We arrive in time and all people que. All ladies get to go on first. A young guy try to sneak in with the girls and the sailing crew get angry with him. He gets to go back, last in line. Since I am white they hav

Zanzibar and Stone Town 2/2

We also go cycling on the beach and snorkel another day. And I really want to recomend the octopussy coconut curry at this place by the ferry ticket terminal. We strol around for allmost two days. We also go to a nice rooftop place, Swahili house. After some city buzzling we go back north to Nungwi where the nice beaches are. We go on a cycling adventure on the beach, racing against the clock and the rising water tied. and visit a turtle sanctuary. We also take a day trip on a boat for snorkling. After a week of Zanzibar I feel great but my bicycle is calling me in the back of my head. I have another 2,5 month of cycling and a huge distance to cover. The adventure awaits. Also I have a huge

Zanzibar and Stone town 1/2

I visit the capital of Zanzibar, spend some time on the beach and rest. Zanzibar is a big island, in the size of Gotland maybe. A lot of houses of concrete stand unfinished all over and only the north and the capital has some big touristic hotels. There is some historic story about German former DDR and Zanzibar. Stone Town in Zanzibar is very beautiful. A cute old colonial town with small streets. Smells of exotic spices in the hot air and great colonial style buildings with influences from India and the Arabic culture. This town, has a famous market known ones as the slave market, we go there and to the museum. Here less fortunate born natives from inland Africa were brought by there own t

Arriving Zanzibar

I arrive to Zanzibar, with train, motorcycle, plane and local bus. A nice paradise for relaxing a bit. Train arrived late. We got on a motorcycle taxi and came to the harbor. Some people told us the boat was leaving and they all told us it was full. They wanted to sell us plane tickets. The boat was not full but Christian takes off. I buy the plane ticket and take the fast and dangerous motorcycle ride to the airport. We cross three red lights and go more in the opposite lane towards the traffic then in our lane which is jamed. Well at the airport I meet people who payed less then half my price. And there are many planes and many seats going there for only 20 USD. Anyway it is fun. I meet a

Catching a train, relax

It is a nice morning. Instead of buying internet credits for the phone I find a great european style café. Swedish prices but also a menu with latte!! I do internet all morning, four ours of internet, blogging, many arrends. I am a litle tired the evening before and when Luise, the midwife, asks if I can come to Zanzibar and look like her husband for some days. I decide that if the train schedule fits, I will go. She tells me that travelling on her own as a girl is very difficult when she constantly has to explain she is married and her husband is at home. Of course she is not. But here it is just very odd being her age and not wanting to get married. In Zanzibar it is actually even worse b

Rift valley

Southern Tanzania and Rift valley by cycle on a beautiful allmost empty road. Vast beautiful stretches of landscape. And a litle goat charity. Its a beautiful morning and my host has not yet woken up in Rift valley. I decide to leave them the big lock, its actually a gift from Christian, its heavy and I have to get ryth of some things. I write Thank you in Swahili in bana skids. I love this day. It is beautiful, I go slowly. Soon I meet a mother and her two children. I give them my good steering wheel bag, because now I have the basket in the front. In the village I have breakfast I decide to try some charity. There is no orphanage, so I ask for the poorest family in the village. A couple of

Am I grown up enough to go on my own?

We prepare to separate from each other and leave the ship in the early morning. I strip what I can carry of spare parts from Christians bicycle. The rest of it he gives away to the poorest old lady he can find in the nearby village. I have three meals for a late dinner. Then we go to bed. Christian will get the phone with internet and local SIM card so I spend the night until 2 am loading up photos for the blog. We wake up 2 hours later. Pack our belongings and leave the ship. It is dark until 6.30 so I pack my bags in a better way on the dock. Christian and I say goodbye and he leaves with a bus. Of course I will miss him. But it will also be nice trying this on my own. Good things is I am

Bike of good hope, after 2 month

After two months, nearly 200 km of cycling and a dozen charities. This is an interview. What is it that we have done? What is our impression of this part of Africa? What is it like to do this trip? What have we done in the charity and what is our conclusion of what you need for doing this kind of trip? We have now been away for 2 months, bicycled a lot but also done charity and above all we have got a first impression of this part of Africa and how it is to travel with one another. So Christian is this something you would have recommend yourself doing half year ago? Yes. This has been great learning experience that I will carry with me from now on. But, it has been in no way near a vacation

WWI German ship Liemba

So this chapter is about our trip with the german ship Liemba. In the picture you can see the old ship and an excited happy German, the typical tourist you can find on this ship. So after some cool heavy fun cycling marathon we help Joseph, the streetkid and then we book ourselfs on a ship to Zambia. Well on the ship we decide we will both stay in Tanzania, getting of on the second last station. Christian who is now going on his own, takes of to Dar-Es-Salam, the capital and then further to Zansibar. And my own plan is to make my way to the warm heart of Africa, Malawi. So the ship we go with is a bit famous, especially for the germans, who ones built it after building the railroad in 1913.


This is Tanzania and prices are lower. We get a great beautiful room with tv and hot shower for 6 USD. The food is only rice, greens and chicken. But the greens are spiced up with onion and garlic and the chicken is in a tasty soup. Less fun for Christian, being a vegan sometimes. Christian: For me it’s not a problem. I know a lot about nutrition and what a human body needs. Of course it would be fun to be able to choose any food I’d like, everyday on the trip, but I knew this beforehand. This is another world and it will be another food experience. Food is fuel. I need it to survive and to keep going. Of course, I too enjoy food, but it’s a want and not a need to have the vulgar variety we

Joseph from Burundi

Joseph Balthazary Ocupation: streetkid, Tutsi, Burundian refugee since 1995 Age 31 He was at home when the war came to his village. One evening he heard gun shots. Everybody ran, his mum and dad disappeared running away. He, 9 years old and his 7 year old brother ran to the forest. They saw many dead people in the streets. They walked crying in the streets until they saw many women and children carrying there luggage on their heads on their way to Tanzania. They joined them, begging and sharing all they had. They walked both day and night for a week, over 100 km through the forest to Kibondo refugee camp in Tanzania. They stayed seven years in the camp. They could play, eat and go to school.

237 km dirt road

Christian wakes up late, as usual he has slept badly. I go for breakfast in this hotel. It is boiled dry chicken, chapati (thin pancake like bread), some boiled root and tea... Hmm...difficult even for a non vegan to take in in the morning. When Christian wakes up he has decided to take a break and travel by bus for the coming days. It could be good to paddel on my own for a bit. I leave some luggage with him and set off. It is fun. Bicycle is lighter and I dont have no one but myself to wait for. I know there is 237 km to Kigoma where we have decided to meet in a couple of days. I also know staying half way want be as fun as to go all in and make it a sport of doing it all at ones. I take p

Christian says goodbye!

Things don't always turn out the way you planned. I went into this trip with the knowledge that it will be no walk in the park. Cycling more or less every day, and in a climate that provides an average temperature of 25-30 degrees every day, is a challenge in itself. Add to that all the impressions of a world that is far stranger from what you encounter in your everyday life (for someone like me, a privileged westerner). I have, after many long, sleepless nights decided that from now on, I will travel elsewhere. Fredrik will run the fund from now on. I have finished cycling. Thank you all for your commitment in the fund in one way or another. You have made a difference. /Christian Next post


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