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Short day, head wind, tough day

I wake up at six. Only six hours sleep even in a bed. But ones awake I figure I should take advantage of the good wi-fi, now no one is using it and upload another post and download the rest of Vilhelm Mobergs series of the small land people going to the big America in the eighteen hundreds. The book is a good friend on this trip. People I met on this trip live today under similar poor conditions. Tough dirt with bad soil and no machines. Animals dying and hunger every day. Illnesses without cure. It is also a bit tough doing my cycling. And then reading and knowing others have it worse may make it easier knowing my burdens are less then others. I get four audiobooks down and while I eat a lo

Dessert to ocean

After a good, too long breakfast. Good in the way that it is so nice beeing with people around you. Too long in the sence that the dessert is 110 km long on a dirt, no sand road. Which you dont know the conditions or difficulties of. I set of at 11! It is hot. Soon one of my self made water holders fall off from the bad road. And the water supply gets more limited. I drink one and leave one. The last thing I do after saying good bye I go and wet my shirt. It is dry within 5 minutes. I cycle. But I am not alone. I have great warm thoughts and memmories as of recent so I go on my own. I love it. It is a challenge within reach and I have been looking forward to this sandy flat landscape soo lon

Chocolate ice cream mountains

Waking up in Tommys Lodge. It is a very gated guesthouse in this stripcity town of maybe 5000 citzen. Two thirds or more are probably living on one side of the road with paths, without names. In houses of metal or cardboard, plastic or whatever they have found. This is a goldmine town and the other side of the road with the lodge is more brick and cement houses, a couple of supermarkets and other lodges and nicer homes. I have a very looong great breakfast spaning over three hours while writing the blog and downloading as much as I can of the book Invandrarna and pod casts like Framgångspodden and This American Life. I role out and as a second breakfast I buy a chocolate ice cream, it is so

Wild west

I had a great breakfast which I paid for but the stay the host at the guest house offered for free. Me and the host had a nice breakfast together. On a trip like this those conversations in the morning or at night are preassues. Nice day, nice wind. Now the land is still very flat but the trees or bushes are often low reveiling a grand archipelago of flatness and big mountains or hills as islands here and there. I go trough one town on the way and as I role in over a highway bridge I see a woman in red orange short dress waving at me. At the second wave I stop. Then she lifts her dress and revels her dark skinned more private areas. A prostitute. I smile and excuse myself declining her offer

I decide to go on

So after shopping bicycle parts and things for the last guy, starting a bicycle shop I decided to stay with the established bicycle shop and let him help me with a small click sound I started to hear recently. It may be small now but after a hundred km it may be the end of the gear hub. So he said was the gears needing some grease. It would only take an hour. He obviously had not seen this kind of new gearhub for back wheel naves but I dont blame him. This is stuff they probably dont have in Africa. Plus these gears seldom needs service. Anyway they started or his helper mechanic started...taking the about 10 parts in to pieces...I gave it in at 11 and I came back at 13 but then I kind of un

Bike of good hope, where streets have no name

Today I take off from the Greenhill B&B in Grootfontein, with the best bed so far in Africa. I got my tent delivered this morning from another guest coming to stay at the place. Yes, I was stupid and forgot it 270 km away. But something great about resting two nights was that my host cooked a great dinner and it was nice talking to her. She also talked about her gardener who is working hard, saving and has started a small shop in the ghetto. Great. Entrepenours is what I and the fund are looking for. So I went with him this morning and saw his place. We cycled through the whole town past the school, past the stone houses, past the ending of the tarmac road and in to a hood with dirt road bum

Cycling 270 km

I am tired after three days of hard cycling so I decide, or my legs decide I need to rest. I cycled about 150, 200 and 200 km the last days. I cycle the 40 km in to town and find a nice campsite with a swimmingpool. It is nice and I talk to the owner and some friend of his. Soon the friend offers me to stay at there summerhouse, which they are turning in to a B&B, for free. Nice! Thank you. So I stay for two nights. The place is really beautiful and just by the river. It has a pool and garden. The interior is also very nice. Apperently they have had some problems with the house getting flodded the last years. It might be because of climate change. So there is a litle damp smell. But it is re

In to the wild

I cross the border over to Namibia, after a beautiful ride from the nice place I stayed. I go to the nearby town and get a new sim card and a lot of food. It is allready around two when I take a picknick lunch out of town. But then I go fast and bike, me, road and weather is all good. So in the end of the day I do 130 km. This area warns for elephants. So I stay camping close to a house. O what people are poor. The house is so small. It is the size of a big car. They live four persons here. Of course the kitchen and shower is outside. And most activities you can do outside. But they have no toilet. Not even a hole in the ground, they go in the bush, every time! No one of the two families I s

Zambian countryside

I spent my evening and night on friday writing the blog and uploading. I was mentally prepared to leave. This few days spent here in Livingstone I felt lonely at times. Stressed and angry about this computer story. I spent many hours on trying to get it to Livingstone. But I did get it in the end. And now the responsible has promissed to replace the one we did get with a new one. Very good! I believe it when I see it. I am delayed two days because of this inconvienience and now I take of well after lunch. I only slept four hours because I really needed to talk to people after all hard work. So I went out and I had fun for a couple of hours in the club. In the morning I discovered my money is

The ghost of coruption

This post is a letter to fellow tablers in the Round Table organisation of Zambia. And the president of the club in Zambia. Me and president of the club Deer brothers of Zambia! I am greatful to have seen your hospitality. Most of you have warmed my heart and I will remember all of you a long time. I had a great time partying with many of you. Good times, great friendship! I was in a great mood when I had helped the hearing and speech center in Lusaka with my fund. A fund I started to help your vulnarable and maybe small bussineses in your nation and East and Southern Africa. I got help to help in Round Table charity projects in Lusaka by President Herbert, Chomba Mwanza. I promissed that th

Music in the getto

So we meet a dreamer who makes it happen! This guy grew up in the getto and is now making his dreams and others come true by starting a music recording studio for the getto. Name: Jonathan Katele ”Joka Virus” Age: 31 Family: Mother, 4 brothers, 2 sisters. Girlfriend, two suns 4 and 10 years old Lives: Getto of Livingstone Profession: Musician, Runs a music studio, restaurant staff Facebook for music: Virus Entertainment "We have made noise, people start attracting” Joka tells me, excited about what is happening. He is about to be able to go and get better equipment for his studio with the help of our fund, Cyclefundjaro. So you grew up in the getto, here outside of Livingstone. How was that

Emma and the soccer team

This is an interview with a young strong girl who takes great innitiatives. She has collected more then 50 pairs of shoes for the kids to play soccer with and money for four teames to go to a soccer camp to learn more then just to play soccer. She also works for a great cause here in Africa, Zambia, Livingstone. Emma Grzechnik Mörk Age: 20 Nationalty: Swedish YWCA, Young Women Christian Association (Sprung from the idea of YMCA but for women and in Sweden called KFUM, Kristliga föreningen unga människor) The Zambian organisation is very christian and religious. You pray together many times a day and before every meal. But in Sweden it is more about teamwork and doing sports. In Sweden she is

Victoria fall and the lions

I arrive with the bus very late and have a great chat with some guys working as game park rangers. Taking care of hurt animals and seeing the big five and hundreds of other animals all day. It seems like a great fun job, badly paid but with the possibilty of great tips from the guests. Also the education seems like great fun. I am not the person who plans a lot ahead and I hate when things go slow or I have to wait. Unfortunatly Livingstone is a place with a lot of activities if you plan and book well. But I dont. Instead I spend half a day getting this computer, that was suppose to go to a school in Lusaka, to Livingstone. Getting it here so that we instead can do a donation in this town wh


I sit on the bus and as I role out of town I realised I forgot to go to the main post office to pick up mail, Posta restante. But I am off and I will not stop for it. I had a hectic stressful morning. Woke up after a good night and then had a great funny breakfast with Kampamba and Vivian. Candy popcorns, tea, porrage, bananas and vegetarian pan pizza. We talk about Zambian names and what the name Mubanga [Movanga] means, it is thesame as the name of a strong hard tree. Zambians often also have an english name like Vivian for instance. We also talk about Lobola or dowry, which is bride price. 200-500 USD is the average salary here so you get an idea about the comparable price. Vivian thinks

Lusaka Round Table hearing and speech center

So today I am back in Lusaka and now I realised my plan is to cycle 3500 km in 50 days. That is 70 km/day all days, no rest. Seems stressfull so instead I will take a buss for theese first 500 km to Livingstone. I am busy all day long with visiting a center for kids with hearing dissabilities and finding material to help install there room for testing sessions. This is a project that Round Table organisation started in the 70s. Now this year they will test all kids in the country for free. But they need this room. So the donation is to freshen this up. It is a monday so we go to the place in the morning with one guy, to the hardware store with the next brother in the table club and then some

Clubing Zambia

Loud vibrating music and base is pumping, playing Zambian artist Ice kid, a rytmik rap hip hop. The outside in the windshield displays a mystic magical dark sky. It starts raining and road is smoking misty. I have started to love the dark nights as I mostly move in the light bicycling, for safety for efficiency. Foggy sky with silhouets of industries as we are aproaching the club on a remote bumpy and flooded dirt road. Deep puddles make the car vade. Driver seems sober for a change here and goes carefully over and trough any obstacles. The smell of cigarette smoke from the back seat. The low 90s car is crawling amazingly without scratching any bigger rocks on the road. A road you would not

Nurse apartment in Mpongwe

In a late rainy season in Zambia and southern Africa I hope to build an apartment for a nurse together with Anders from Sweden. It rains all morning and instead we go and visit the big hospital farm. The farm is leased out and here we visit some friends of Anders. It is a couple who used to have a farm in Zimbabwe. They have a very nice home reflecting his interest as a hunter and hers in interior design. They are very talkative and we have some really nice time over perfect cappuccino and delious home baked cookies. The couple tells me how they came here in 2000 after loosing there property to the Mugabe regim. We start talking about snakes and how a big black deadly mamba snook in to there


Oh my god! Dont get me wrong, I am a believer in some creator and some good god and I do pray sometimes but Africans in general go to far for there own best, I believe. I take this bus in the morning. Yes I am a sinner. I had a few beers yesterday and only a few hours sleep. I get on the bus and without explanation it is delayed one hour. The motor is running the whole time as it is is standing still in the busstation. But you can not really hear anything except the loud music, christian music, the message is very clear. God is good, I will surrender, he is my king, he is the lord. This is the soundtrack for the whole trip except when they, thank the lord for prechers, turn it of for prechin

Lusaka, Zambia

The bus is quite like a Swedish long distance bus, except that the have managed to squeeze in one extra seat in every row. I am going to Lusaka to meet Anders, who is bringing me a new back wheel for the bike. We take of a half hour late and the bulging fish market is making the bus go slow in the start. Smells of dry fish enters the bus. People want me to buy fish from the windows. I sleep for a few hours till the border. I avoid the money exchange wolfes and go straight to the migration offices. Funny how many staff work here. I see two working with people for getting there stamps. The rest seem busy with youtube, making there hair and painting there nails, toe nails. I fall asleep again i

Leaving Malawi

I have my porridge and then role out of Salima town. It seems like a nice town, blooming flowers in the trees along the road and a lot of bicycles. It is sunday morning and most people are well dressed. Some allready swinging there hips in church and some on there way. It is around eight and allready hot. Today I will go up to Lilongwe, 100 km, to the capital. It is upphills for more then half the way. The later part will be easier. I see a big overrun snake on the way, over a meter long and I am told by a local it is a black mamba. The first upphills in the first hours are dreadful. It is probably around 35 degrees, no wind in between the hills and the sun is just baking me. The back of my


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