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Coming back

Two weeks in Sweden. Probably too early to say how I feel about coming home. Anyway I come home and yes when I declare it on facebook there is a huge crowd likeing and comenting on it. I have never had so many likes on a post concerning me. So that is welcoming. Social media is nice but seeing people in real is giving more memmories. I visit my closest friends and they look at me strangly and tell me wow. You are really home. That is fun. They missed me and I them of course. I go to my brother and they also greet me in a great way. And some of us go out for drinks in the evening. Which is great fun. I have no real substance to fill my day with, no work and no geographical goal now so days go

The olive trees

This post is about the trees for the ghetto some of you readers donated. My hosting family have had this idea of making there neighbor Township/ghetto create something like planting olive trees. They have had this idea for a long time, two and a half years. It would be a longterm project together with the inhabitants, which can help bring the area up. The plan is of growing olive trees all over. In gardens, along the streets, in between the roads. So I said let's do it. If it is a long term project then they need to start now. No time to waste. So I told you readers about this on Facebook and also people here in the nearby Cape Town and South Africa. We got a good price for 2 m high trees, 2

Cape Town

Cape Town, isn't it one of theese glorios world cities like New York, Paris, London, Sydney, Singapore and Bangkok?! I like to think of it that way. It is a beautiful city. Cool parts of old historical houses turned in to fun hipster shops. Very inspiring for refurbishment. In a mix with high rise buildings. I many times imagine myself buying something peculiar of a house and turn it in to an architectural master piece. So I dont really do the full on tourist tour. I actually spend a lot of my time looking in to apartment prices, talking to people about which areas might be well for living or investing in. I meet a woman who is buying a studio in a new development and I seriously consider it

The most South-western point of Africa.

This is it! The end of this bike of good hopes journey. Or at least for this time in Africa. One of the last days I take my chance and go for a lesson of gyrocopter. It is as cool as imagine. It is an incredible vehicle. Maybe you know it or maybe you remember it from James Bond when he is fighting some bad guy building a rocket in Japan in a fake crater. Bond has this small open yellow gyrocopter. It is fueled by car gasoline and weighs only 500 kg of. It can take two persons for four hours about 800 km. This is a dream flying this since a year back when I had the idea of becoming a helicopter pilot. We take off on less then 50 m in the strong head wind. We rise fast and fly around for 45 m

The speech

Inbetween Cape town and Cape point. I stay in a couple of different homes. I also speak for my first time at a school, like a motivational speech. On my way to Cape Town about half way down a car stoped. The family gave me a cold beer and there card of contacts. I was happily welcome to call them a spend a night in there place. Close to Cape point. So I did. On my way to Cape Point I called them and stayed a night. The family was great. It was so warm and welcoming I allmost became an extra sun in the family. Actually, Ashley the 7 year old sun said I am his new dad now. :) His father was working late two nights and I took his place easily. We all laught about this. He is a fun kid. Both kid

To be lost...for a moment, Africa Burn 2/2

This is the second post about Africa Burn and a very interesting but a bit scarry one as I meet someone who shared his experience of a night getting high. - Africa Burn is deffinatly an experience and a strange and funny one. I do not know if I will ever come to an event like this ever again. There are beautiful things with it like how people come together and make things. People give and share. But the drugs. The drugs are they needed? I guess they have been there for centuries or way back also. All this week seeing so many happy people made me see a little of one thing and hear about something else. People come here and try. Different things, even drugs. It may be a good place to try it si

Africa Burn 1/2

I signed up and bought the ticket a couple of month ago. It was so much to read so much information for such an open and free event/ festival or burn if you like to call it. There were so many different people here. Judging by the looks they were all weirdoes or nudists. But when you speak to them they are mostly very normal, maybe a bit more alternative, a bit more hippie and some are really in for the party. It is a mix. Some bank men, some IT people, all kinds really. A lot of party but for many, a burn is something else then cool music and drugs. Some say a true burner participates, shares, challenge yourself and cares for the environment. They have a word called moop, material out of pl


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