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Currently money collected:     10627  USD

(Updates of this number may be slow since of me being on a bicycle

tour and sometimes difficult to sit down with a computer and have

good wi-fi where I am) 

Account number: 

SEB 5215 01 520 61

IBAN: SE60 5000 0000 0521 5015 2061


Our charity fund, Cyclefundjaro, here on the blogg works super simple. You send your contribution via Swish or a bank transer,  and mark it with a message of your own. Then Fredrik will as soon as possible, after he has received the money, go and buy something that can help the first and best candidate of being in need of something, maybe a pencil, maybe a cheep goat. You can be anonymous if you like, then write so specifically. The fund is direct and the only expenses on the way are the banks charges to take out money from ATM machines.


The fund is mainly supporting orphans and vulnerable kids for going to school and also trying to get people to support and help themselves more then depending on further support.   

Why the name, cyclefundjaro?

Because we bicycle and we do it while funding good projects on our journey or "jaro" (Kichagga language word jaro meaning caravan or journey).

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