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The journey will not end. Maybe I have done my last km in Africa this time but I know this inspired people and I wish for especially young people to get that extra push to get this life experience in their early life.


I offer 500 USDon my own as a scholarship for someone to do another journey. 500 USD is a good start for going on a journey like this in poor countries. If you can get your bicycle sponsored and maybe also the plane ticket and then this money can cover the first weeks of traveling. 


In return you commit to collect money for good causes and deliver it directly in the different ways which you find best. We will guide you and help you to start raising funds in the simple way we did it. You also commit to at least five visits to different places with people in need and write the story about these people and how you helped them.

To get to know more contact me on +46(0)732205579

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