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Meeting about media and visa photos

Once again, we have met to plan for our trip. This is our fourth meeting. We have now talked about what direction is best to travel, given that there will be rain periods clashing with our travelling schedule. So our plan is to start in Kenya and travel around lake Victoria through Uganda and Rwanda and onwards to Tanzania. There we are planning on trying to reach the peak of Kilimanjaro before travelling furthermore south. The next country on our list (as the smart reader can figure out from looking at our map above) will be Malawi. After that we go through Zambia and Zimbabwe via Mozambique to (hopefully) Madagascar. Upon return from Madagascar we make our way through Mozambique to South Africa and Pretoria/Johannesburg. This will be our starting point for the next part of our journey through Botswana, Zambia and Namibia. We have plans to visit for instance the Okawango delta and the Victoria falls. Feel free to give advice on other things to see on our journey. The last part of our trip will hopefully (if we have time) to reach the Cape of Good Hope to finish our journey and to make a little more sense of the name of our blog. Today we also took som pictures for our visa applications. Have we ever looked more boring? Probably not. I assure you that we will be loads and loads more happy when we make the trip, but I guess it's good to look a bit serious at times. Anyways, we have also sent e-mails out to swedish media to get them to hopefully spread the word about what we are doing. That's it for today. Be well and be nice!

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