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Meeting with the elder

The other day, I (Christian) payed a visit to an old friend who have been to eastern and southern Africa twice. The lovely Malin Sjöblom told some inspiring stories about her two trips and gave some usable advice for our upcoming trip. The picture in the background between us, is from Lake Bunyoni, Uganda. Malin knows a local ugandian man helping a pygmée tribe with education and land to live on. Below is the original picture. Malin also told me about her adventures with the mountain gorillas in Uganda. "If you have any doubts about going there, you're crazy", she told me. It is not to be missed. A lion roaring in the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya. Don't get to close. =) And if you wonder, yes, these are Malins private photos taken on her journeys. Except for the top one, that's me being a crappy photographer. I have to work on that. =) The peaceful, green and soothing Malawi is a country we aren't allowed to miss. This is Malins favourite, she says. Well, I for one am getting more and more excited about the trip. Thank you Malin for the help and inspiration. Hopefully, in about half a year, I can return the favour and tell you about Fredrik's and my trip through Africa. Until then, be well and be awesome! /Christian

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