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2 nd meeting planning of trip

We met Thursday, October 13 for the second time to take the time to plan. We needed to discuss our idea of a Charity fund. After asking a webdesigner to do our blogg we thought it was some Money to put in just creating the blogg. What if the Project fails and no one gives to the fund anyway. That would be sad. And we decided to make a more simple blogg and give the Money that we did not spend on the webdesigner to our fund instead.

The idea of ​​our charity fund came to us very late, but we both felt like it seemed so much more fun to go now when we had this idea.

We also decided to do a small facebook survey and ask our friends what they thought about the domain name and the name of the blog. Christian began to look at the countries in which it is the rainy period of time. Fredrik began to sketch on the blog. Now it really felt like we were geeting somewhere. We were getting excitet!

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