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The Jönssonligan syndrome

Funding +456 USD

From Fredrik to African startup entrepreneurs.

After a hectic autumn, actually still in the chaos, I did a great discovery yesterday

Since we will be away for many month, probably half a year or who knows?! :) I rent out my apartment. Me being a stressed and late landlord, I delivered the place. My guest did not want the sofa but she wanted the ikea-sofa pillows or the pillows, without the cover. So I agreed on taking of the covers and store them too. Then I start removing the covers. A hundred bill of svenska riksdaler falls out. Woups! another 100 and a bunch of 20s and some 50s Wow! 4190 swedish kronors, 5 euros and an american 1 dollar bill fell out in total. Yippie kaiey! Swedish people may know the syndrom and storing money like this from the Jönsonligan movie. Ha ha, prisa gudarna mot körwoodskogen!! :D Money I hardly remember putting there. Money I did not count on! This is a great start for our fund, Cyclefundjaro. So of course I donate this. All together an amount of 450+5+1 dollars. So congratulations to the start of our fund! 456 dollars collected!!

It costs about 10 dollars as a one time fee to give the old bills in, to exchange to the Riksbank, but to make this better, I can exchange your old bills too. So for our go away party this coming saturday, please look through your pillow cases and see if you have any hidden old money that you can spare our fund, then bring it to the party. Feels great! Now I have another thousand things to do before we go :).

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