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Stashing up in Ullared

Funding +204 USD Christians really nice and decent parents

+32 USD Have a nice trip open your eyes and your heart.

Last week I went to visit my family i the south of Sweden in a lovely place called Landeryd. It was nice to see the family and say goodbye to everyone before the journey.

While there, I also took the opportunity to go and buy some necessities for the trip at the infamous Ge-Kås in the little village of Ullared. It's a low price department store that is so popular in Sweden, that it has become the most visited single tourist attraction in Sweden every year.

(this is the most recent photo I found of them. From 1976. The guy in the lovely white dress is my dear older brother)

This is the loot i got from the adventure (plus a Lonely Planet book that i got to borrow from my friend Malin that i mentioned in an earlier post).Since my parents are really nice and decent people, they didn't hesitate when I asked the to make a contribution to the fund. So, another $180 to add from these lovely two. =)

That's all, be well and be awesome!

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