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The bicycles

Funding +108 USD Bikeforfood Tina

The stresslevel is maximized theese last days. We both have about 30 things on our todo lists. Have we packed no, cleaned our apartments no and still there are a lot before we leave. But the bicycles are finally payed. (Note: After finishing our trip in summer 2017 we can not recommend this company who really showed no understanding or support in anyway for our trip, the many problems and it really has made us angry)

The bicycles of choise for this kind of trip is two of thesame brand and kind so we have thesame spare parts and need thesame tools. We choose a simple and durable kind of bike rather then cool gear and things which might brake. A steel frame because there are mechanics all over the world who can weld. 7 gears will be enough, enclosed in the center of the backwheel for less maintenance. Front brake and pedalbrake. Womens frame for better comfort, easier to hop on and off. The bike comes with front and back generated lights and has stänkskärmar and pakethållare allready on.

The price is fair for bikes we may leave with our favourite tribe.

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