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Flying start

Funding +327 USD David Sjölund

We are here, in Africa, Kenya, Nairobi, in a country with endless summer. After landing we are tired after a long flight, happy to be here and very thankful to Charles who sat next to us in the plane. Charles who lives in Kenya talked a lot about his country and gladly waited for us after landing, a good 20 minutes, just to make sure we got a fair price with a taxi. He lives on our planned path and we may see him soon again.

So we get into a taxi on our way to a distant contact of Fredriks. But on the way plans got changed and the 20 min drive to his home became a two and a half our drive around Nairobis rural areas. It was not at all bad, we slept or watched the dirty, rusty suburbs where people do hard work, mechanics and collect trash or lost treasures. The contrast was stark, as we arrived in a luxurious hotel with polished stone walls, a swimmingpool and cold beer.

In the evening we met up with the contacts and it could not start better for us. These guys listen to our loose plan of cycling to Sarengeti, they give us feedback and tips and slowly make the route plan for us. Not only so, Vikash makes sure we pay nothing for the room this night and offers us to stay another night in Nairobi with him. Sankhesh comes up with an idea for us to go with a big group, in a charity project to some schools in Masai mara this weekend.

We are thrilled! We have a route planned for the coming two weeks and a rocket start on our charity fund and met some amazingly hospitable Kenyans. This makes us very happy!

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