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Masai mara park

We went on a fantastic safari

We were very fortunate to join the group in "the great run". And we were invited to go with them to the Masai mara park. A great strech of land with a huge amount of wild animals to watch.

The land is bordering to Tanzanias Serengeti park wich is even bigger. Here inside the gate all the 4x4 cars took their own route and we were among the lucky ones, seeing lion couples on their honeymoon doing some adult hugging. We also saw an amazingly beautiful leopard walking and climbing by the river (See picture). Another rare moment was to see an African Cheetah (geopard) hunt and kill a small gasell.

The second day, Me and Christian got an early start. Together with the driver we went out into the misty morning. We saw hippos, crocodiles, cape buffalos, Pumba and Timon, massai giraffes, zebras, my brothers cat or an African Serval, elephants, baboons and hyenas. Tomorrow we will try to hit the road on our own, on our bicycles. Lets hope we have seen the most of the more dangorous animals on this trip.

On our way back one statsjeep had a flat tire. His sparetyre had been stolen so it took a while. Luckily Toyota is one of the most common vehicles so he could buy from a passing car. But it took some time. It made more cars stop and people gathered to help or watch. Some boys passed with a ball and we played football with them for a half hour. All the while massaian girls watched and took pictures of me and Christian.

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