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Race against the sun

Cissi till Africa 25 USD

Sabine to Africa 10 USD

We started our bikeride and lesson learned.

We started out on our journey late afternoon. A bad decision that luckily went well. The assambling of the bikes had taken a lot more time than we thought.

But we had a nice slow morning and got a charming swahili lesson from the waitress, Lindah. Albert the hotels caretaker helped us with the bicycles.

And then, just before setting off even before leaving the hotel, we ironicly had a flat tire.

From Maio mahu it went uphills for over 10 km, a tough start in a perfect swedish summer day, hot, even when the wind from the high hills of Rift valley was strong. We were glad to go and kids along the way waved and shouted happily "hello how are you".

But we are not in shape and Christians struggles worried us both. But he bit in and when Fredrik hiked with a slow lorry by just grabing the back corner, Christian sped up and got new energy of the fun. Then it was soon downhill and the strong sidewind did not bother us so much. Christian now took the lead and went of like a Cheetah on a hunt.

We left to late and we will not do the same mistake again. We were racing against the sun to set. We are not safe travelling in the dark even if we have lights. The fear of getting robbed is there. And we have heard it more than once that we should not be out after dark on the streets.

But after about 12 km the hill went downhill and an hour later (29 km) we roled in on the porch of the first decent hotel we could find. Phew! Would not have been fun to look for other hotels in the dark, so luckily we liked the place.

We will learn from this. We have already talked about how much time we will budget for each trip, plus extra time (never calculate to arrive on destination later than two hours before sunset) to cover for flat tires and other things.

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