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”For the readers of tomorrow”

Founding: Elin Stenberg +20 USD, Martin Holmstedt +15 USD, Johan Abrahamsson +51 USD, Karin Johansson +51 USD, Salle +20 USD. Cecilia Linde +25 USD, Sabine Johansson +10 USD.

We get help to buy supplies and go to a school with insufficient furniture.

Today we’ve had another great day. We are in Nakuru and our contact Charles met us last night when we arrived. For the ones following us from the start in Kenya you know this is the same guy Fredrik sat next to on the flight to Nairobi. Charles introduced us to his wife. Then he insisted on getting a friend to load our bicycles on to his truck and drive them to Charles’ home. Meanwhile we got a tour of our hosts office, the supermarket and his house where his beautiful wife cooked a great meal for us, letting us taste things like ugali, stew of goat, other stuff we don’t know the name of but also milk that has been put outside the refrigerator and stood for a day or two, to make the sour water split from the cheese like crumbs, interesting...but it was all very good.

After a good nights sleep, we got a ride in to town where we bought supplies.

200 notebooks, 60 pencils, 50 erasers, 50 pencil sharpeners, 10 red markers, 6 teachers notebooks and a shiny school bell. We made a quick stop and picked up some biscuits and like the three musketeers we took of to Kimanvi Nursery School. Upon arrival, we were greeted by some representatives from the local county and a whole lot of children from the neighborhood. Most of them students in Kimanyi Nursery School. This school was founded for kids who have been affected by political violence between tribes in 2007.

The kids were of course super interested in the biscuits so there was a bit of a chaos handing them out. We felt really happy being so popular, so if you like Facebook thumbs, this is your calling.

We all went inside the school building, which is one simple room with eight school desks. So most of the approximately 70 people sat on the floor. ”For the readers of tomorrow” one of the men started. It was some speeches and correctness and then we handed over the supplies and the bell to many smiles and cheers.

Our host and friend Charles also informed everyone that come January, they will have a full time teacher supported by the FANET- charity fund (, which he is representing, working at the scool.

Finally we declared that we will help the school with some more desks. The children sang which made the crowd cheer up a lot and after a short while, people started dancing and singing along. Super fun. After a couple of songs, we said our good byes and headed of home.

On the way back we stopped within the village, went in t o the local carpenters house and ordered 10 new school desks. Charles will make sure they get to the right place.

So now some administration for us, which is all missåri (everything good in swahili), then a dinner with our hosting family before we set of in the early mourning tomorrow.

Wow, took us about 2 hours for this posting…slow internet...

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