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First schooldesk

We are on our fourth cycle day and yesterday we saw the first desk.

Yesterday we went to pay for 13 school desks. The village-elder was at the carpenter's to greet us. He and Charles (our generous host in Narok) will make sure the desks will all be delivered to the Kimaniy Nursery School. The elder also invited us to have lunch which we paid for and he was also very keen on intruduceing us to his daughter, who is working in another school now, but she would like to start a new one on a new plot.

There have been some great cycling lately. Some quite long and steep climbs that have let us enjoy great views and have teached us to take advantage of the slow trucks and hitch rides by holding on to the side of them.

And some speedy downhills reminding us to keep our brakes in order.

We stayed at the most modest of places this night. Expensive for this kind of room with concrete floor and no beds, utedass and a bucket as a shower. But we felt like we didn't want to deal for the price since the money goes to these people living here, and they need it more than us. The roughness of the place aside, the restaurant was beautiful and the most cosy "hotel" (restaurant) as they call it here, I have set my foot in.

Small, great view, happy african beats from the radio, great fresh bread, the charming beautiful Beatrice behind the desk and her two smiling children.

The locals coming in for tea greeting us happily, all shaking hands. Seemed like they were all regulars and all were happily surprised by our presens. We enjoyed it all and had a very simple cold shower next to chickens and all the while the cheeps were called in.

Now we stopped for late lunch in Kericho, a bit tired after holding back on water and food, because we had spent all our cash on the desks. And there is only cash to get in the cities. Now slowly the energy comes back, but we might stay the night here.

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