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You can only do so much - Mama Ngina Children's home 2/2

Thanks to:


John Thorsson, Evelyn Wallin, Lars Tobias Vestlund, Peder Berentsen, Britt-Marie Johansson, Ida Nordmark, Camilla Andersson, Lisa Hallberg, Carl Hallgren, Carina Jakobsson, Kajsa Pallin, Stina Andersson, Johannes Linder, Kerstin Wrisemo, Jan Trotter, Eva Svedbrant, Elena Magnell, Maria Eiserman, Karin Hjertén, Sabine Johansson, Rebecca Sten, Jens Tenland, Britta Djurberg-Sorby, Malin Samuelsson, Sofia Hedlund, Sara Ahlforn von Betzen, Andreas Jakobsson, Hans Malmström, Sandra Johansson, Ulf Pettersson, Gunilla Kardevall, Per Gunnar Stragne, Martin Törnfelt, David Sjölund, Karl Johan Abrahamsson, Fred Lundin, Frida Tordai, Minna Jonsson, Jerkinger Berg, Andrea Westling, Emma Stragne, Kristina Peters, Robert Foss, Eva Rydling, Åsa Innings, Andreas Sorby, Sara Tengelin, Ricardo Azevedo, Karl Andersson, Mikael Tollonen, Jakob Söderberg, Alexander Tonelli, Saga Douhan, Benitha Källberg,


13 dec

+20 USD John Thorsson, +20 USD Evelyn Wallin, +10 USD Lars Tobias Vestlund, +8 USD Peder Berentsen, +10 USD Britt-Marie Johansson, +21 USD Ida Nordmark, + 10 USD Camilla Andersson, +10 USD Lisa Hallberg, + 21 USD Carl Hallgren, +25 USD Carina Jakobsson, + 25 USD Kajsa Pallin, +20 USD Stina Andersson, +10 USD Johannes Linder, +30 USD Kerstin Wrisemo, +21 USD Jan Trotter, +200 USD Eva Svedbrant, + 21 USD Elena Magnell, +20 USD Maria Eiserman, +20 USD Karin Hjertén, +11 Sabine Johansson, +25 USD Rebecca Sten, +15 USD Jens Tenland, +10 USD Britta Djurberg-Sorby, +21 USD Malin Samuelsson, +10 USD Sofia Hedlund, +20 USD Sara Ahlforn von Betzen, +100 USD Andreas Jakobsson, + 8 USD Hans Malmström, +26 USD Sandra Johansson, +8 USD Ulf Pettersson, +30 USD Gunilla Kardevall, +50 USD Per Gunnar Stragne, +21 USD Martin Törnfelt, +50 USD David Sjölund, +50 USD Karl Johan Abrahamsson, +50 USD Fred Lundin, +15 USD Frida Tordai, +20 USD Minna Jonsson, +10 USD Jerkinger Berg, +52 USD Andrea Westling, + 10 USD Emma Stragne, +20 USD Kristina Peters, +10 USD Robert Foss, +20 USD Eva Rydling, +20 USD Åsa Innings, +30 USD Andreas Sorby, +21 USD Sara Tengelin, +16 USD Ricardo Azevedo, +10 USD Karl Andersson, +9 USD Mikael Tollonen, +10 USD Jakob Söderberg, +15 USD Alexander Tonelli, +16 USD Saga Douhan, + 10 USD Benitha Källberg,

14 dec

+21 USD Marie Nordquist Kastling, +20 USD Annie Svensson, +8 USD Maria Lemon, +10 USD Lena Wennerberg, +10 USD Sophia Litzén, +20 USD Anders Larsson, +30 USD Kristina Rydbeck, +10 USD Therese Löf, +50 USD For the orphanage From Christa, +10 USD Patrik Ljunqvist, +16 USD Ulrika Bohlin, +10 USD Carina Köhler, +35 USD Viveka Sjölund, +16 USD Gustav Thor, 25 USD Nina Morics, +20 USD Kristin Nilsson, 10 USD Eva Björkegren, +8 USD Zandra Matsson,15 USD Jessica Råstam, +10 USD Jaklin Tunc, +10 USD Eva Björkegren,+52 USD Daniel Axelsson, +10 USD Jenny Ågren, +10 USD Ann Nystedt,

15 dec

+20 USD Lars Johansson, +50 USD Camilla Johansson, 30 USD Samy Ramdani

So we went back to Mama Ngina Children's home and cleaned the dormitories for one and a half day.

We cleaned together with the children and we believe they understood the importance of cleaning their rooms. And they liked doing it.

It was shocking to see how many bedbugs were in the corners of the children’s beds. I shook one corner of one bed and after spraying a couple of times with a bug spray, I shook out 32 dead bedbugs of two different species. Amazing but sad! But maybe the bugs will give the children spirit to keep clean around themselfs.

In these three days, we’ve gotten a lot of help from many of you who follow us, to raise money. That feels fantastic. Actually, more money than we could spend on this particular home in the short time we have in this town. An unexpected and heartwarming response from all of you amazing readers. It has given us extra energy to try and do even more for the kids. The extra money collected now, will come to use in similar projects down the road.

This is what we spent the money on in Mama Ngina Children's home:

80 bedsheets

14 brand new mattresses

Repairing (new mattress covers) 15 mattresses

2 days of work for a stone mason to fix the big holes in the floors + material

20 shelves are being repaired or built new by a carpenter

2 very appreciated mirrors

Bug spray

Buckets and cleaning stuff

1 staircase which will be split in two and serve as two furnitures with shelves

25 m of wax cloth to dress the shelves with

40 small plastic buckets with lids and nametags for kids personal belongings (40 more were given by the supplier for the good cause)

50 m new line for clothes to dry on

Blankets and bedcovers have been washed

All mattresses were taken out, aired for one day without their fabric covers (that got washed).

A lot of this is done for a reasonable price and fast. We have worked hard with money from the fund but what we managed to do would have been impossible without contacts and the great hospitality from the local Round Table organisation here in Kisumo.

These guys are amazing backing us up, even if they were tired after holding a three days free medical camp just before we arrived.

Fredrik is proudly a part of the round table organisation and Christian will definitely want to become a member, passing this hospitality and good will forward to future good friends we yet haven’t met.

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