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Good bye Kisumu


21 USD Henrik Barck; 5 USD Anna Irding; 28 USD Daniel Axelsson; 20 USD Louise Flinck; 168 USD Julklapp till Afrika från bröderna Larsson, Unnaryd; 26 USD David Örtoft; 51 USD Evelina Axelsson (hjälp mammor)

Yesterday we had a day of some internet and rest. Fredrik went to the childrens home for a couple of hours. Happily he was surprised by the children who just finnished cleaning there dorms.

Then they played football together before saying goodbye.

So we had a great last night with our good friends in Kisumu. A litle too good. Since neither one of us like making plans and are very spontaneous we were easy to convince on staying another night. So now we have been here for almost a week, but tomorrow morning we will be up before sunrise to start climbing the road towards Uganda.

We have about 100 km to the border town Busia, which will probably take us 2-3 days to reach. Yes, that's how little we plan. We leave a lot of space in our plan for charities, unforeseen events or simply for a day's rest. Maybe it goes very easy some day, and we can cover a 100 km. It’s hard to know, the condition of the road, the direction of the wind, if it’s uphill or downhill and other circumstances will affect our cycling. Our loose plan says that we should cover about 50 km per day. That means we have to plan to cycle more than 50 km in a day day to get a day's rest here and there, which is better than sleeping in new places every night. In this day of rest we have to run the charity, e-mailing and relax. So we keep busy. The relax part is hard to fit in. On the other hand we have a lot of fun and in all this the trip itself is relaxing in a way.

So we woke up late, with a bit of well deserved hangover. It was a beautiful evening at the boat club, watching the sunset. About eight of us were hanging out, singing, drinking and laughing.

Today, we finally found the time to do some packing together, going through our stuff. After these first weeks we know a little more what we need and what can leave behind.

What we will leave behind now:

Heat-up-camping food (we don’t have a camping kitchen)

Salt and spices


one deodorant



Two bottles of chain-oil


extra wire for brake

wire locks

system camera (SLR)


chewing gum

mouth water

wind jacket


elastic band

paper tape

marker pen

1 pair of socks

15 batteries

1 compass

multitool for bicycle

left hand glove

1 nail clipper

1 torch

1 pillow case

1 case for sunglasses

1 matchbox

The plan is now to pack up and be super ready to get going super early in the morning. We will not stay for breakfast and we need to move fast before the strong sun and 30 degrees hits us on the 30 km long uphill climb tomorrow morning. In late afternoon today, we will go to a music festival and Christian may play some rock on stage, also one good reason to stay this other night.

We have had a great time here in Kisumu. We loved staying with Keval and his big family.

In this picture we are at the boatclub seeing some hippos in the background.

We stayed in their big house with a whole floor only for guests. They took us everywhere with their cars, washed our clothes almost everyday, got us to try the most cool indian stuff in restaurants with the other tablers or cooked the most fantastic meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We felt so good staying here so we have had a hard time leaving. We will give a symbolic sum too our charity as a small gesture of our gratitude to this family. Not to forget Cochal who helped us with the websight, Mital who helped a lot with buting stuff for the childrens home and Vishal who had us over for an unforgetable brekfast. But now it's definitely time to pack.

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