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Footprints of Faith children´s home

Thanks to:

Marie Nordquist Kastling, Annie Svensson, Maria Lemon, Lena Wennerberg, Sophia Litzén, Anders Larsson, Kristina Rydbeck, Therese Löf, For the orphanage From Christa, Patrik Ljunqvist, Ulrika Bohlin, Carina Köhler, Viveka Sjölund, Gustav Thor, Nina Morics, Kristin Nilsson, Eva Björkegren, Zandra Matsson, Jessica Råstam, Jaklin Tunc, Eva Björkegren, Daniel Axelsson, Jenny Ågren, Ann Nystedt


Round Table Kisumu and Keval with family 100 USD, Sofia Ocana Vän till mor o far 10 USD,

Today we started before sunrise. Waking up at five A.M. and ready to go half an hour later, we stood ready and waited for the first light to show and signal our start. The plan was to make it as far as possible before it started to get too hot, and though the initial 30 km climb was at times challenging, everything went well. We had reached the summit and now had the wind in our backs and a slight descent ahead. With Frank Sinatra singing from the bluetooth speaker, we passed through valleys and saw peculiar mountains with gigantic rocks on them, banana trees by the side of the road, kids happily shouting "mzungu, how are you?" and the both of us, equally happy answering and waving.

The small shops are often covered with these prison like iron bars. Not very inviting, but I guess it keeps the burglars and robbers away.

Just before lunchtime, we had put a good 60 km behind us and stopped for water. Talking to the shop keeper, we found out that there is an orphanage close by. Seizing the opportunity, we bought all the school books, pencils, rubbers and maize flour he had in the small, kiosk size shop. 70 dollars in total.

We found the sign by the road to Footprints of Faith children’s home and the small stoney path leading down to it. We entered the gate and were greeted by the administrator and caretaker. It was already one o’clock and we were hungry but now we met the children and there was not much time to eat.

The kids were so well mannered. They all said hello and shook hands in a very polite way. Then we all sat down in one room together and our host told us about the 20 kids abandoned by their parents or being orphans. Kids are from 8-15 in age. She is the caretaker, administrator, the cook and trauma specialist. They have about 6 dorm rooms but not enough beds so several kids share beds. The place is sparse but well taken care of. They wished for more food and they are hooping for money to complete the other wing and a hall for meetings. The plot is beautiful and also well taken care of, with nice rows of plants which the kids help to grow.

After some football we sang a little with the kids and had a late lunch before we headed of to Busia, the border town.

It was the furthest we have bicycled in one day. About 110 km. We called our next contact when we got into town and were met by mama Ruth and her daughter Janet who run another home for orphans. We had a nice dinner and a bucket shower before falling to sleep after this long, happy and exhausting day.

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