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- Mama Ngina Children's home. Revisited

Our dear friend Mital Shah has revisited the orphanage in Kisumu, Kenya to make sure that the shelves are in place. And for the most part it looks good, which will make it a lot easier for the children to keep their dorms tidy and keep the bedbugs away.

This is one of two pieces of an old staircase that will serve as a bookshelf.

The boys' storage room, where all shelves were broken.

This top shelf is a missing link still, there may have been a carpenter from Stockholm doing this one, we are on to what has happened.

The babies room

The girls room, they used to have only three shelves, the rest were broken. As you can see, the storage is well needed.

And a brand new shelf in the boys dormitory which used to have no storage space at all.

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