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The wedding, Real Life Children's Initiative 3/3

We stayed another day at the hostel Fat Cat in Kampala. Our new friend Luise from Germany have been working for one month as a midwife in Ishaka, western Uganda. She told us some really exciting stories about her job. She liked our idea of helping at the orphanage so she gladly did and really enjoyed it. So she also liked the idea of bicycling in Africa for a bit and without further notice we went to a shop for used bicycles and found a good japanese mountain bike for her in the center of Kampala.

Luise also took us to her colleagues, sister’s wedding in Kampala. We dressed up as good as we could and showed up with a present. It was amazing how beautiful and luxurious it was, knowing that an average salary here is about 150 USD per month.

A wedding in Uganda is more a close family thing at church and then it is the big dinner to which us and another 200 persons were invited. It was a huge white tent, with lots of decorations,

a great band playing in between speeches, hired photographers with big cameras and a huge 8 story high cake in the centre of the tent. They served a lot of meat, (goat chicken and beef barbeque) and all kinds of food we have come across here in Africa, like ground nut sauce and potato tasting bananas. Drinks were handed out and later there was dance. It was also interesting to see how the whole cake disappeared down to the crumbs with the children collecting the last pieces in bags.

Speeches also tell a lot about the way of life here. It is a lot about god’s will and how the couple has been and will be blessed. Then there is a lot of talk about money and how they are hoping to be middle class income receivers.

This last day Fredrik also pays a last visit to the orphanage.

He documents 2 of the beds in place and two of them soon being placed. He can also tell the kids are very happy about the new arrangements in the room. Mattresses are still what we in Sweden would use for camping, so he goes and buys seven new mattresses before taking of to the wedding.

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