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Different architecture of Uganda

This post was never published, but now it was time...

This post is about architecture of the more varied and different kinds of houses we have seen in Uganda.

This is a traditional hut, Pygmee style.

The Pygmees were nomads so they many times made smaller huts like this one

But sometimes they prefered staying in a tree for better protection, like this tree hut

Wooden buildings are rare for living in, probably because there are few good trees and litle forrest. But the trees here are now so small and thin and if you bild houses of sticks it will need some insulation to prevent the wind to go straight through, but this is a beautiful example of a utitlity house where the sticks create the good ventilation of the barn.

Imagine the light and shadow play on the inside. Another cool utility building is this one.

Built of old roof plates. Changing color slowly with time. This extension is also clad in roof plates but from left overs,

which makes it into an interesting shadow play on the outside. It is also nice to see what is old and what is new. By the way, they live 12 people in this house. Just like in my old Bostadsrättsförening in Alvik in Stockholm but it was 10 apartments of 50 square meter each.

Another house extension is this very cute gasstation. This is greatly balanced. I love how the small front part is scaled with its own size of steps on the top and how the big part climbs down and connects to the smaller extension which is the bigger in a perspective.

Also the colors are thoughtfully placed on the walls, which connects the top part back to the surrounding soil. Here there is no need for shouting out with big signs that you sell petrol. It is simply here and everyone in the village knows it. For the last part the tree in the back is spot on! Giving shadow to the back yard but also making this picture even better. Did they plan this image?

Next post is back in Uganda.

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