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Rift valley

Southern Tanzania and Rift valley by cycle on a beautiful allmost empty road. Vast beautiful stretches of landscape. And a litle goat charity.

Its a beautiful morning and my host has not yet woken up in Rift valley. I decide to leave them the big lock, its actually a gift from Christian, its heavy and I have to get ryth of some things. I write Thank you in Swahili in bana skids.

I love this day. It is beautiful, I go slowly. Soon I meet a mother and her two children. I give them my good steering wheel bag, because now I have the basket in the front.

In the village I have breakfast I decide to try some charity. There is no orphanage, so I ask for the poorest family in the village. A couple of hours later I have some 30 kids after me, as an army for fighting poverty, as I deliver the last of six goats to the third poor family in the village.

Six goats, one really good mother, 2 grown lady goats and 3 young ones, all for 300 thousand skillings, about 120 USD.

I take of and do 116 km, 6 broken spokes in the afternoon, even though it is tarmac road!!!

Anyway, wheather is great and it is beautiful, both mother earth and the sky, constantly changing around my way.

Now I am in another shady guest house in the border town to Zambia. It is super active. Crazy interesting but not so safe for me after dark.

People sell all kinds of snacks and fruit and fried and dried fish and many more products. Like theese great pancake balls.

As I role in I get confused about which side they drive on. Here people, not one, all go in whatever side they feel like it seems on the sometimes three different dirt roads, one more sloppy of clay then the other. I get a dirty room with clean sheets. Go for an exellent dinner and go to sleep. I eat so much now. I allways have double portions and BBQ spears are great. It is also very cheap. I have my double dinner for about 2 USD, ad another 25 cents for a soda or a dollar for a beer or water which I stick to.


Next day I find out it is longer then I thought to Malawi, I have to cycle north, not to go to Zambia and pay for a multiple entry visa. I also have problems with internet. This two issues effects my temper and I become the moody ignorant person, not smiling to anyone. This makes people trying to get my attention even more. So instead of shouting muzungo ones, they raise there voice and continues with hallo, good morning and so on. Even more moody, I continue.

I spend an hour in four different villages to get over the language hurdle

and get the blog out. Finally I get it in the evening. So I stop in the town I get it to work. I have done 110 km/ day now for four days straight. I feel a litle tired. My ass hurts, too many cookies to buy in the border town, so I have a giant pimple on my one side to sit on, not nice :S . Not helping an allready vulnarable bum.

I find a great crappy cheap guesti, to stay in for the night.

I bargain the bad room down to 2 USD, which is a fair price. The service is great and to make it better I buy my host a soda. He is great teaching me more swahili whenever he shows me something. I have asked if there is a hot shower and there is. He tells me it will be in an hour. I sit outside talking on the phone. I see him climb up the ladder several times to the roof. He is making a fire just above the bathroom shower tank.

He climbs up several times with water buckets. This is so great. Just to give me the hot shower. This is modern in a basic system. Thank you Africa, I love you!

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