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Arriving Zanzibar

I arrive to Zanzibar, with train, motorcycle, plane and local bus. A nice paradise for relaxing a bit.

Train arrived late. We got on a motorcycle taxi and came to the harbor. Some people told us the boat was leaving and they all told us it was full. They wanted to sell us plane tickets. The boat was not full but Christian takes off. I buy the plane ticket and take the fast and dangerous motorcycle ride to the airport. We cross three red lights and go more in the opposite lane towards the traffic then in our lane which is jamed.

Well at the airport I meet people who payed less then half my price. And there are many planes and many seats going there for only 20 USD.

Anyway it is fun. I meet a woman from Johannesburg who is working for a black people radio station. We talk and enjoy the 20 minute ride of the small prop plane. We all think we will crash as the wind is strong and the plane is really making some rollercoaster turns before landning.

But it all goes great. I meet the cascade of taxidrivers with scam high prices. They tell me it is a problem at the moment with the public transport. I wave them off and tell them my friend is waiting by the Dala dala bus allready. So then they point me in the right direction and I take it in to town. It is more arrabic influenced here. You can tell from the islamic clothes and the architecture.

As I hop of the bus Luise is there to greet me and we take the bus for another two hours to the north of the island.

The seats are all taken but no matter how big african buts are or how many seats you have there is allways space for some more people. As I am sure the bus is deffinatly full they stop again. There is a soccer team of guys hopping on. I dont know how but they all manage to get on. I am totally amazed. Buses like magic cofferts. It is very hot and there is a constant smell of mariana. Buses like magic cofferts, do they have flying carpets also.

It is great doing this detour from my bicycle ride. Theese are environments I dont see from my sadle.

We arrive, staying at a nice hostel with a crazy host, a former UN soldier and Rasta fari guy.

We wake up early and go for a run on the amazing beach. We swim, sleep in the shade, drink too litle and burn ourselfs all day. It is so nice, so relaxed.

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