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Zanzibar and Stone town 1/2

I visit the capital of Zanzibar, spend some time on the beach and rest.

Zanzibar is a big island, in the size of Gotland maybe. A lot of houses of concrete stand unfinished all over and only the north and the capital has some big touristic hotels. There is some historic story about German former DDR and Zanzibar.

Stone Town in Zanzibar is very beautiful. A cute old colonial town with small streets.

Smells of exotic spices in the hot air and great colonial style buildings with influences from India and the Arabic culture. This town, has a famous market known ones as the slave market, we go there and to the museum. Here less fortunate born natives from inland Africa were brought by there own tribes or conquering tribes by slave businessmen until late 18th century.

I think of this as old fashioned and a horrible chapter of the past but the museum here reminds of slavery today.

21-36 million people are counted as being enslaved in different ways. For example. Working to pay debts they were forced to take or forced marriages, where they end up doing the household work.

We also visit the local meeting spot for watching soccer, jaws corner where we have super good and super cheap street food.

Spicy mashed potatoe and bread balls with a coconut sauce.

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