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Zanzibar and Stone Town 2/2

We also go cycling on the beach and snorkel another day. 

And I really want to recomend the octopussy coconut curry at this place by the ferry ticket terminal.

We strol around for allmost two days. We also go to a nice rooftop place, Swahili house.

After some city buzzling we go back north to Nungwi where the nice beaches are.

We go on a cycling adventure on the beach, racing against the clock and the rising water tied. 

and visit a turtle sanctuary. 

We also take a day trip on a boat for snorkling.

After a week of Zanzibar I feel great but my bicycle is calling me in the back of my head. I have another 2,5 month of cycling and a huge distance to cover. The adventure awaits. Also I have a huge amount of money to spend. After the split up with Christian we noticed a mistake in the spreadsheet so the fund has some good charities ahead. This will of course also take time to spend in a good way.

So last day me and Luise decide to skip the beach and use for visiting an orphanage for disabled in Dar-es-salam.

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