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Human dreams children village

Now we leave Zanzibar with the cheaper night ferry. We make our way with an other frerry in the morning to the orphanage in Kigamboni.

So "somehow" me and Luise got a document of Tanzanian recidense. Which gave us the better price on the ferry to Dar-es-salam. We take the night ferry which is also cheaper and it saves us one night of accomodation. When we tell some locals about us going on this boat they smile and laugh. It is not a popular option. It is safe but not great it seems. We arrive in time and all people que. All ladies get to go on first. A young guy try to sneak in with the girls and the sailing crew get angry with him. He gets to go back, last in line. Since I am white they have written VIP on my ticket, even if we pay the same as the locals. We are specially treated, probably because of our white great skin. Racism is nice sometimes. :)

Ship is ok. Hot everywhere except in the VIP launch where we sit. It is airconditioned and dark, perfect for sleeping on the flight seats. Ship is rocking and after an hour of talking we fall asleep.

We arrive early morning to the capital.

and it is difficult to keep the temper in a good mood when we get harrassed by the taxidrivers while we try to figure out the best way to go. We take another ferry over to Kigamboni

and meet the manager of the childrens home. We spend half the day looking at it and it is very nice. Very professional and clean. High standards both in construction and treating facilities. The place is for multi disabled kids with different backgrounds.

They are sometimes found with deformed heads from mistreatment or injured and brain damaged after the parents wanted to kill them. Sometimes when the parents find out they are disabled after some time and the parrents can not afford taking care of them in a good way. The kids are between ten month, up to 10 years old. Human dreams children village is doing good and has been running for allmost a decade now. They have several buildings, both for the patients, volonteer houses, staff apartments and administration. The whole place has great water from there own well and uses only solar power for pumping water and electricity. They are now erecting a canteen

and starting another two patient houses. It looks great. And I think it could be a good place to support. But maybe the fund can help with less in this case. They have allready so much. And they have good chanels to get more fundings. So in the end I decide not to give from the fund to this, at least for now. If I have a hard time to find projects to let the fund go into, this is one which I believe in.

So we take off and go to see a litle of Dar-es-salam. We go with local buses.

I talk to a guy who has studied business in Sudan and Finland and we talk about the new president. And I also talk to a taxi driver and the orphanage manager. They all seem to believe in this new president who seems to be a lot against coruption. They say economy will be slow now in the start when things change. But they see it as positive changes with more strict rules. This is great. In Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda the wibes about politicians is very bad and it seems very corrupt.

We see the market and I get a new shirt. We buy street food, some spicy tomato and octopussy. Then indian food and finnish of with great ice cream.

---- I take the early plane from the nice airport--

Now I am back in Mbeya with the cycle. I will miss her, Luise. But now I need to cycle.

I started at ten. Went for a great latte and some internet, then I saw four spokes were broken. I needed a new solution and therefor loaded some weight to the front with some new plastic containers.

I dont dare to look at the wheel. There is the well known tingleing sound of broken spokes now at the end of the day.

I did a litle over 70 km, starting to ride around 14. A lot of climbing today. It is cold, about 12 degrees in the mountains.

I go among the clouds and stop for some bbq served on spokes...

I stoped in Tukuyu. It seems like a good small town. And I met a teacher, he told me about some orphants. So I hope to help some twins I heard about which cant afford there school uniform tomorrow, early.

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