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FloJa Foundation

I fix my back weel with great efforts and visit a nursery school. Cycling in Malawi theese first days is hot and beautiful.

I sleep until 4 am and sit up. I know the back weel is destroyed beyond reparation.

So I save all spokes and change the weel with Christians bicycles old front weel. This is a time consuming and long process. I so dislike the company that sold me this bicycle. It takes me two hours to get the spokes of the spare weel, another three hours to get the spokes of my back weel. I eat twice and finally I am done with the change after mid day. It was ok. A more beautiful spot to work in is hard to find and the first hours I enjoyed concentrating on my own. Then the family wakes up and even before I go out of the know it...I am there entertainment for half the day. So I work and they sit close by and watch and sometimes touch and it is ok but they talk in there language, mention Muzungo(white man) every now and then and laugh...I keep the mood up till the last hour when some enoying neighbor kid comes and starts making fun of me in english. Then I get angry with him but I dont say so much. But the others get mad at him now...great! :) They get ready for church and I take this picture.

They have fixed me water for a shower but I go instead. I have about 6 hours ride before dawn. I stop many times to tighten the spokes. I also stop another hour when the gears dont work properly.

Landscape is beautiful. Road is good. I am happy the weel is good now. I also get a message from mum that she and a friend has arranged a new weel to come to Zambia. So maybe I will continue on this allready old cycle after all.

So I go on and I stop at som luxiurious lodge place with a swimingpool right on the beach. I camp but they let me use shower and toilet from a room. Great with a bathtaub for the first time in three month.

I go early.

It is a hot day so it is nice with the headwind. I am looking for breakfast for a long time when I stumble in to this bakery by the road. Wow!

Freschly baked scones! I get some tomatoes and salt and make the best breakfast ever. I eat a allmost a whole plate of bread to the locals astonishment and entertainment.

Around midday I ask a guy about an orphanage and luckily there is one nearby.

So we empty to small shops from school material and some other stuff. I also buy this guys home made football for more then he asks for.

Then we go to the place. It is called FloJa foundation. It is a nursery school for 3-6 years olds, orphants and vulnareable children. Founded 7 years ago. 85 children 7 days a week. They also give extra lessons for primary and secondary school children after regular school.

They have better facilities then normal schools. The people working here are 15 locals, 2 dutch directors, staff and 2 local volonteers. The place is mainly sponsored by dutch contacts.

They have really cool classrooms with a beach view.

And there is a campsite and a bungalow if you want to visit.

They have there own garden where they teach the kids to plant trees and grow crops. I bring them food and school materials for about 80 USD.

I go on and at lunch I meet this peace core guy. He tells me a lot about where to stay and what to do in Malawi.

I want to go to a well known place called Mushroom farm but it is unfortunatly closed. Instead I stay by the beach at a totally overpriced place with one of the worst hamburgers ever.

Cheapest option to stay here is camping for 10 USD!! I take it and enjoy hanging out with non locals. I meet this group of Overland truck travelers and also a Rumanian bicyclist.

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