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One goat and school material

So today I start the day with breakfast included. Local hotel breakfast is sweet chai tea, french fried potatoe chips, one boiled egg, white bread and butter. I pass the potatoes and make my own porrage in a cup with hot water. Then I fix the flat tyre. My body is telling me it was a long ride yesterday. Muscles are stiff in legs and back, also arms and core. Of course my but is a bit sour also.

Another breakfast on the way. They have great drinking yoghurt here. And they make scones, great fresh bread!

I go with a three out of five pase all day. I stop as I see a goat getting tied up in a less nice way on a bicycle front. It is a big female.

In tribute to my former fellow companion Christian I let the fund buy the goat. I ask who the poorest people are around here from the only english speaking man. Two passing by women are said to be some of the poorest. So they become the owners.

I make sure they get the message that they should keep the goat for baby goats and start making there own money now.

I ride a bit further and ask for an orphanage. There is one up the road. A bicycle taxi guy is translating for me in the shop and he and his friend brings the goods. 75 kg rice and I think we bought 500 school books and 100 pens.

We go cycling in a caravan up to the hospital.

Aparently this is not an orphanage but orphants get free medication here and schoolfees paid. So there are some nuns here, somehow connected with the hospital. I get them to understand they are gifts to support the orphants. The sister is greatful.

Now I am tired, it is hot. I have done some duties. I continue to the next village and eat with an audience.

Then I go on till it gets dark as I role in to a bigger town. 114 km. Tomorrow another 102 km to Lilongwe, the capital. It will be a bit of a climb. After that I plan to take a bus all the way to Lusaka, capital of Zambia. I have heard the road is fine but not much to see. And I have the apointment with Anders, the Swedish man bringing me a new back weel. As for now my backweel is fine, only two spokes in two days is fine, but for how long. Will be good with the new weel.

The village is dark. Power is out. I found one with a generator. I have a shower and go for a great beefstew in a restaurant by a gas station. It is so good. Of course I get an extra portion. Then back. The generator has stoped. It is all black. My room is tropically hot. I lay soaked in my own sweat in a star formation, not touching any limbs. I fall asleep to the sound of mosquitos outside my bednet.

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