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Lusaka, Zambia

The bus is quite like a Swedish long distance bus, except that the have managed to squeeze in one extra seat in every row. I am going to Lusaka to meet Anders, who is bringing me a new back wheel for the bike. We take of a half hour late and the bulging fish market is making the bus go slow in the start.

Smells of dry fish enters the bus. People want me to buy fish from the windows. I sleep for a few hours till the border. I avoid the money exchange wolfes and go straight to the migration offices. Funny how many staff work here. I see two working with people for getting there stamps. The rest seem busy with youtube, making there hair and painting there nails, toe nails.

I fall asleep again in Zambia and I wake up occasionally. It is raining a lot. It drips in from the roof on some of our seats. Now they have stoped longer and I here raddeling of metal tools. The bus is broken and after half an hour they tell us it will come a new one.

After an hour the new bus comes. He is a fast driver and brakes are made shorter. This bus has two TV screens and they show terribly bad music videos with some african music. The music videos show a lot of the poor countryside or people doing crimes and ending up in trouble, it also a lot of love involved. Quality is like I would have recorded it with friends and my phone as a video camera. The tunes are like from a video game from the 80s, songs are ok for the first lap of an hour but when they start coming over again it gets ennoying. I start to unlike the trip, then the woman next to me is taking up half of my seat apart from her own. There is also no water to get, so I keep on eating sweet and terrible tasting bisquits I manage to buy. O I wish this ride is over soon, many times during the next coming hours. We are delayed 3 hours and I have difficulties comunicating with my friends in Lusaka. My friends are some guys from Round Table who promisses to meet me up and give me homestay. Anyway I arrive and manage to take a taxi to the pub where the friends are. I am greeted and we have a couple of beers.

What a relief after that bus. It is a great benefit beeing a part of this club. After some beers we go to a club for a couple of hours before coming home to my host. The water is only working during the days but before going to bed I have a cold bucket shower while my host sprays my room with some toxic against mosquitos.

The next day I dont do much. I watch the new american presidents speech about building a wall towards Mexico and the weather report about how the rainy season seems late this year in southern Africa and Kenya and Somalia is starving of drought. I dont miss watching the news.

I also get some things for the fund sorted out and prepare a donation of a computer for next week. You who have given money tobthe fund has given an incredible 8000 USD! It feels cool to be a part of it.

We meet up with some other brothers at the pub.

In the night we go to the club again.

Zambia has won a soccer game and there are a lot of people. It is nice. Maybe slightly more women then men and many look really hot. The beer is Swedish-cheap and we have fun flirting a bit, dancing and watching some really sexual moves by some girls. Thoose big buts are shaking in an incredible way. People are generally black apart from a rare white face. Dresscode is very casual but very much like in american hip hop music videos. Girls are beutiful here and it is probably not just because of the beers I had.

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