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Oh my god! Dont get me wrong, I am a believer in some creator and some good god and I do pray sometimes but Africans in general go to far for there own best, I believe.

I take this bus in the morning. Yes I am a sinner. I had a few beers yesterday and only a few hours sleep. I get on the bus and without explanation it is delayed one hour. The motor is running the whole time as it is is standing still in the busstation. But you can not really hear anything except the loud music, christian music, the message is very clear. God is good, I will surrender, he is my king, he is the lord. This is the soundtrack for the whole trip except when they, thank the lord for prechers, turn it of for preching. So a couple of times someone wants to preech and then they turn the music of to give some message about digestion or how god will punish you if you are less good. All the while it rains outside. It becomes a long busride. Roads are damaged by the weather.

Africans are in general very religious. Most pray before every meal. But there is more. For instance, the midwife in Uganda, told me stories of how the other midwifes can interrupt there work in the midle of a critical labour act, with a great bleeding and put there hands together and pray instead of doing whatever they can to stop the bleeding. I also hear people tell me that I am sent from god and that is why I can do this trip so far and without injuries. I will have a good chance of coming to heaven helping poor people on my way here. When I talk to people about work and wealth they are totally convinced they can not get anywhere in life if it is not gods will. And they will not work extra to earn extra money to get wealthier. They would like to be fortunate and get a car and they hope god will help them so they go to church for many hours and so they pray very much.

I finally reach. Anders calls me from the front before before I have time to get out. It is really nice to come here. We have a good time going for a coffee in the house.

Power is out. It is common here in Zambia. Rain has come late this year.

Anders has brought me a new back wheel from Sweden and a small package, mmm...1 kg of Swedish delicious chocolate. After coffee we walk around and Anders tells me how he came here when he was 21. It was a remote area, an intersection in the bush.

There was some missionarry pioneers who had built a small house for a hospital here in 1930s but Anders and some other Swedish built a new proper hospital and a farm supporting it. He planted theese trees.

He spent ten years here then. Ever since, he has visited allmost every year. Now the surrounding area is become a trading center, and on its way to become a small town. The hospital now has about 150 beds and serves about 40000 inhabitants. It is growing and the facilities also need to expand. This time Anders mission was to build two apartments.

He has been here a week and he has allready come a good bit of the construction. The european efficiancy with strong will and believe in a certain amount is deffinatly a strong combination that can move mountains. Actually now he is building three homes instead and we agree that Bike of good hope will make sure there is fundings for a fourth structure.

Allready since the Facebook post yesterday you readers have supported with 210 USD. The building cost for one home is about 3000 USD but the fund and I will take part in the actual erecting of the structure which is 950 USD. Anyway in order to build it has to stop raining.

The weather is biblical and it has rained all morning. And as for what it seems, it will continue...

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