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Clubing Zambia

Loud vibrating music and base is pumping, playing Zambian artist Ice kid, a rytmik rap hip hop. The outside in the windshield displays a mystic magical dark sky. It starts raining and road is smoking misty. I have started to love the dark nights as I mostly move in the light bicycling, for safety for efficiency. Foggy sky with silhouets of industries as we are aproaching the club on a remote bumpy and flooded dirt road. Deep puddles make the car vade. Driver seems sober for a change here and goes carefully over and trough any obstacles.

The smell of cigarette smoke from the back seat. The low 90s car is crawling amazingly without scratching any bigger rocks on the road. A road you would not find easily in the country I come from. We aproach and see colorfull lights in the trees through the rainy windows. As the music changes song, we hear the loud and close by base and music from the club. Red taillights. Big pick up Toyota trucks and buckled Nissan cars. Dark silhouetes running to the entrance in the blinking lights as it is poring down. We get drinks and minglar and dance until 5.30.

The crowd is all black, dark hood sweatters mixed with preppy checked shirts and a couple of starvelike skinny guys who move just as incredibly as some of the girls shaking buts. I mean thoose buts shake like you want believe unless witnessed.

I get to my room at 7 and the sleepiness is gone. So I Facebook and blogg. And within a couple of hours it is breakfast and then Zambian brunch/lunch.

Kalembula by Rex

1 dl oil first

2 onions, sliced second

4 tomatoes, cut third

2 overpacked plates with sweat potatoe -leaves

1 chili, chopped up


Ad in order, fry and stir.

Prepare above for brunch together with your choice of deepfried chilli spiced catterpillars

(yes! insects), scrambled eggs and nshima (thick rice like porrage).

Forget knife and fork. Wash your hands and squeeze the food like a true African.

By the way, you can read owls on this guys shirt. He is in to alternative farming. Breathing owls for farmers and turtles for neckless beads.

Another green dish, okra, is also served. That is the one with the slime on this picture, very slimy dish. This and the catterpillars is too much of a combination for me at thesame. Sorry but, I did not finnish this plate of mine.

Saturday we started up the construction sight in Mpongwe, me and Anders, before taking of.

And on sunday evening Anders sends me this update below.

He gave me a ride to my next stop in Kabwe, where Round Table organisation housed a meeting and theese guys know how to party.

They drink beer as I arrive at 10 in the morning. The meeting is long and for me as an outsider. Lunch at three and then party volume increases. In all the fun I get a Zambian name. I am honored, Mubanga [Movanga]. We party all night and half next day. Now we go back to Lusaka by car, all drinking beer. The police will fine us for some reasonds maybe but not for drink and drive for what it seems.

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