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Lusaka Round Table hearing and speech center

So today I am back in Lusaka and now I realised my plan is to cycle 3500 km in 50 days. That is 70 km/day all days, no rest.

Seems stressfull so instead I will take a buss for theese first 500 km to Livingstone.

I am busy all day long with visiting a center for

kids with hearing dissabilities and finding material to help install there room for testing sessions. This is a project that Round Table organisation started in the 70s. Now this year they will test all kids in the country for free. But they need this room.

So the donation is to freshen this up. It is a monday so we go to the place in the morning with one guy, to the hardware store with the next brother in the table club and then some painting before visiting the hardware store one last time to buy the sound proofing carpet for the walls.

It feels a litle stressed. Would have been nice to stay longer and would have been great to do this all together as a team on a sunday but planing was tight. But what we had time to visit was this company making furniture for disabled kids all out of cardboard, flour and reused

paper. It has been going on for ten years but progress is slow reaching out.

They have limited resources and funds. The idea and good cause is great.

I had a great time in Lusaka with my dear host Kampamba and Vivian.

Good memories! But now I start going in to southern Africa and that feels exciting.

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