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Victoria fall and the lions

I arrive with the bus very late and have a great chat with some guys working as game park rangers. Taking care of hurt animals and seeing the big five and hundreds of other animals all day. It seems like a great fun job, badly paid but with the possibilty of great tips from the guests. Also the education seems like great fun.

I am not the person who plans a lot ahead and I hate when things go slow or I have to wait. Unfortunatly Livingstone is a place with a lot of activities if you plan and book well. But I dont. Instead I spend half a day getting this computer, that was suppose to go to a school in Lusaka, to Livingstone. Getting it here so that we instead can do a donation in this town where I am. I dont just leave a 950 USD computer without seeing and documenting that it went to the right cause. So I am upset for most of the day.

I manage to book a walk with lions two days from now but I wanted to do some other activities but then you need to be more then one person unfortunatly.

So I get in to a bad mood and have a boring day. In the evening I meet a guy who is cycling around the world.

He has done three years allready and will do it for another two.

The next day I go up at five and get ready to go to the falls.

The Zambesi river is great here and make a massive wide drop of 100 m altitude.

I am one of few early and I spend more then an hour at the boiling point all alone. There are well made paved trails and many great viewpoints. I also walk out on this cool island where you really see, well actually you dont see so much. It is all cloudy, rainy and every now and then clouds go and you see the drop of the fall in to a lower cloud. Beautiful and really cool!

Making my way back I meet babons and take my time to photograph them pretty close up.

The rest of the day I try even more to get the lost computer here and then I have a great meeting with a Swedish soccer player and a music man. I will tell you more about them in the coming posts.

But today I went and visit a farm for lions.


And cheetah


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