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The ghost of coruption

This post is a letter to fellow tablers in the Round Table organisation of Zambia. And the president of the club in Zambia.

Me and president of the club

Deer brothers of Zambia! I am greatful to have seen your hospitality. Most of you have warmed my heart and I will remember all of you a long time. I had a great time partying with many of you.

Good times, great friendship!

I was in a great mood when I had helped the hearing and speech center in Lusaka with my fund. A fund I started to help your vulnarable and maybe small bussineses in your nation and East and Southern Africa.

I got help to help in Round Table charity projects in Lusaka by President Herbert, Chomba Mwanza. I promissed that the fund can spend 1000 USD in total on two or three different projects. So he was quick to help me buy a computer without me seeing it unfortunatly. It all went fast. Since Herbert is a big fan of soccer we had to pay and sign the contract fast. Great that his contact had a computer he could sell. But wow! It costed 950 USD, for computer and printer.

The money spent

I was a bit chocked over how he spent the money promissed. But that is great, right?! Good stuff for poor kids!

I later find the exact same printer on Google. The computer seems to be out of stock.

Too bad it was now only 50 USD left for other projects. But Herbert convinced me to donate maybe 300 USD for the hearing and speech center. He really was burning for it and wanted me to spend another 750 USD for an air con for that place. I am sorry I did not. Maybe his contact could have found it second hand, but the funds money should go to many people along the way.

Poorest people in the village receiving a goat.

Anyway I have a tight schedule and I planned to leave Lusaka soon. So Herbert promissed to take me to the school library to deliver the computer. He called my host several times in the morning and assured he was coming. I had personally no missed calls. I waited two hours with all my bags packed on the road. Ready to go to the school for the donation and meet the kids. Herbert became unfortunatly bussy and never had the possibility to show up. Still I was not informed, only via my host who said he is on his way. I was wet from an hour of rain when my host came and picked me up to go directly to the bus station. Herbert called and said he would bring the computer

to the bus before I left. He was on his way allready, but Lusaka is a big town and he did not reach within 2,5 hours. And somehow he could not call me even if I have a local number. But Herbert was assuring he would send it the next day with the bus. But he also asked me if he could not deliver it to the school library himself. We are you so good friends and of course I can trust a fellow tabler. I declined the offer several times. It took many days of actual begging to get the computer to reach Livingstone, where I can donate the gift and control it is received and safe. I am sorry if I raised my voice in this matter when talking to your president. But I have a great responsibility to the givers and receivers of the fund.

A sister will give the orphants school books.

But happily I can say the package has reached. It feels good to give it to a soccer team in the getto of Livingstone. They have so litle in their life.

Soccer is a great sport even with a home made ball.

Now this computer will be a start of a business to print and use the computer by the hour to pay for soccer and school suplies for many poor. I must say I am a litle surprised that you can not get a new printer and computer for 950 USD in Zambia.

The "new" computer arriving in a box for an electric water boiler

Both printer and harddrive are scratched and dusty.

Dust and dirt from years of use.

We find someones original paper inside the copy machine. I feel less happy about delivering it.

Scratches on the "new" computer

But I understand Zambia is suffering from a ghost of Coruption which you may have to deal with a long time. And that makes me sad. Anyway! Thank you brothers for all the fun!

And Thank You President Herbert Chomba Mwansa for the 950 USD spent on yesterdays technology.

New and dirty!

I will remember and learn from this experience of Africa. I have now delivered this hopefully still working old computer to the children of tomorrow.

Emma and I with the package opened. Emma is my Swedish contact who has a spirit for helping the soccer team of the getto in Livingstone.

I do hope that Round Table Zambia will find theese kids a new computer and printer and make an honorable replacement. As a small gesture from a club with great intentions to the not so great turn out of this donation.

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