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Cycling 270 km

I am tired after three days of hard cycling so I decide, or my legs decide I need to rest. I cycled about 150, 200 and 200 km the last days. I cycle the 40 km in to town and find a nice campsite with a swimmingpool. It is nice and I talk to the owner and some friend of his. Soon the friend offers me to stay at there summerhouse, which they are turning in to a B&B, for free. Nice! Thank you.

So I stay for two nights. The place is really beautiful and just by the river. It has a pool and garden. The interior is also very nice. Apperently they have had some problems with the house getting flodded the last years. It might be because of climate change. So there is a litle damp smell. But it is really a great place for 1-3 couples to stay. Close by there is also another accomodation for about 100 USD per night. They have a restaurant so I go there during the day.

After resting I get up early and I leave around six, still dark for another hour. So the first hour I allmost walk the whole way on the sand road with big puddles. I unfortunatly walk right in to a swampy area and my socks and shoes get soaked.

Before really getting on my bike I take my time and post another blog.

Then I realise the day looks great, litle clouds, hot and tail wind. Wow! New day for a record?

I tramp on all day. I get a flat tyre after this wash of the tyres to prevent spreading of this cow diseace.

I also stop for a quick lunch.

Then landscape is more or less thesame.

Usually very flat but sometimes small valleys for the perfect straight road. A curve ones every ten or twenty kilometer. Just a few cars. I see some girafs behind the fence of a gamefarm.

I try to make a Vättern Runt distance but it gets dark so I stop in the second town through the whole day of cycling. Next town would be another 100 km ahead. Anyway I am happy with the 270 km of today. After all, I have luggage and about 10 l of water to carry. And it is no racing bike.

The long distances and somewhat boring but beautiful landscape is decorated by sceletons of misfortunate car rides.

Theese bones of metal are striped in all, from everything from the wheels down to the smalast plastic stripe. And according to my latest host this take only a few days. And the pieces are used for tools and houses.

Late in the day the regular landscape is broken and I actually see some small mountains or more big hills actually.

I reach town and discover I have unfortunatly forgot my tent at the last place. So silly, ha ha, I was so happy in the morning about all space I had in my front basket. Yes that was weird not seeing and missing my tent all day. But hey, then I did not have to worry.

Now I stay at this nice Greenhill B&B in a small town, Grootfontein and I will wait until

tomorrow for my tent to come with a car, nicely aranged by my hosts.

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