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Bike of good hope, where streets have no name

Today I take off from the Greenhill B&B in Grootfontein, with the best bed so far in Africa.

I got my tent delivered this morning from another guest coming to stay at the place. Yes, I was stupid and forgot it 270 km away.

But something great about resting two nights was that my host cooked a great dinner and it was nice talking to her. She also talked about her gardener who is working hard, saving and has started a small shop in the ghetto. Great. Entrepenours is what I and the fund are looking for. So I went with him this morning and saw his place. We cycled through the whole town past the school, past the stone houses, past the ending of the tarmac road and in to a hood with dirt road bumpy streets, metal shacks as houses.

His house and shop is to the right here

We see many having thesame kind of small shops. They all sell thesame.

Martin used to have a bicycle repair shop but he had so litle material so he gave it up. We go around and he shows me the streets without names. And he introduces me to his family and shows me the house.

In the end we conclude that to expand the shop he will make it a bicycle and repair shop. That will be the only one in "Blackie town"(where only black people live, the ghetto) and the second one in the whole town.

He will buy old bicycles and repair and sell again. He will also sell bicycle parts.

We go back up to the center of town and we buy many spare parts and stuff for bicycles for 158 USD.

He is greatful! And I am relieved to help someone again. He promiss me he will name his shop Bike of good hope.

And soon I will be on my way.

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