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I decide to go on

So after shopping bicycle parts and things for the last guy, starting a bicycle shop I decided to stay with the established bicycle shop and let him help me with a small click sound I started to hear recently. It may be small now but after a hundred km it may be the end of the gear hub. So he said was the gears needing some grease. It would only take an hour. He obviously had not seen this kind of new gearhub for back wheel naves but I dont blame him. This is stuff they probably dont have in Africa. Plus these gears seldom needs service. Anyway they started or his helper mechanic started...taking the about 10 parts in to pieces...I gave it in at 11 and I came back at 13 but then I kind of understod the problems they had. But they tried and tried. O poor mechanic. They worked late. I really am terrible at mechanical stuff or actually I dont have a clue so I did not help. They worked over time. I must admit I was in a bad mood.

But why? I have soo much time. This can happen and they are obviously strugling to get it to work. It had deffinatly to do with my expectations being high. I also hate waiting I am the worst sitting around. So I got in to a bad mood really doubting if they would get this together again. I thought it may be time to end this trip. I have seen much of Africa and that was what I wanted. It has not been so fun lately. Of course I focused on all the negative now. It is easy to find reasonds to quit a trip like this. It would have been more difficult to take a bus if I cycled Kairo to Cape Town or so. But since my trip is more going around cycling most and doing some other stuff it is less important with the cycle part...

Anyway I Thank you readers and supporters on Facebook for your cheering ups.

I bought some wine and went back to the B&B for the night where I found some company from my friendly host. She is a great inspiration, has 9 rooms to rent out in her small house plot. I slept another good night and in the morning it felt like I should continue my cycle journey.

Well back at the shop I met the mechanic who I admire for not giving up. Sacrificing his evening yrsterday.

After he closed the shop, he came back at night working until late. I looked through it with him for another two hours and together we figured it out. What a hero of a warrior, he probably spent more then a day on the job.

And he was very nice all the time and happy to learn about these new gears. He became a good inspiration for me to shut up, smile and cycle.

So after lunch I took of. I had the rest of the day to do about 100 km so I even took my time to take a detour and see the worlds biggest meteor stone.

Landscape was also changing now which was fun.

I saw a baby turtle. I love seeing animals in the wild. The landscape is beautiful and there are mountains again.

Then a few flat snakes and a big varan lissard, probably about 80 cm long when it was living.

There are a lot of snakes and frogs flat on the road here and big green crickets with colorful red and blue feathers.

I arrived to the town just as it started raining. Had a quick dinner at the gasstation and then went to find a place to camp. But I discovered there are no camping places in town. But a guesthouse owner at Palmenecke guest house, offered me to stay for free because I bicycle. So I slept great and had a super breakfast with him as company.

And he thinks that is such a challenge. And it is at times.

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