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Short day, head wind, tough day

I wake up at six. Only six hours sleep even in a bed. But ones awake I figure I should take advantage of the good wi-fi, now no one is using it and upload another post and download the rest of Vilhelm Mobergs series of the small land people going to the big America in the eighteen hundreds. The book is a good friend on this trip. People I met on this trip live today under similar poor conditions. Tough dirt with bad soil and no machines. Animals dying and hunger every day. Illnesses without cure. It is also a bit tough doing my cycling. And then reading and knowing others have it worse may make it easier knowing my burdens are less then others.

I get four audiobooks down and while I eat a long breakfast.

Then I need some supplies for camping and repairs. And before I know it, it is noon. This was suppose to be a relaxing day with no stress. 35 km to Walfes bay and rest before the big challenge. Now I have a picknick lunch and then I go. Oh wow!! It is the toughest head wind in the four month.

It all takes four hours...and the traffic is mean. I stop several times and a couple of times cars go so wrecklessly close by that I stop and shout. Namibia may have the least citizen in Africa but some drivers are soo mean and at least ones but often twice a day in this country a car goes less then a foot passing me by. It has happened that one screamed; get off the road as he passed fast and scarrily close by in a high speed.

I eventually make it. It was a beautiful stretch but tough. I saw oil plattforms, in the ocean on one side and the great sand dunes on the other.

I eventually reach and get off the road to the outskirts of the city as soon as I can. But I escape the fast and many cars and end up cycling a few kilometers in the ghettos.

Not my choice really. I did not see it at first because they are building a lot of small houses in this outskirt of town next to or further out from the ghettos. I dont want to get a flat tyre here. I soon get a room in the town.

Go to the supermarket and shop for the coming days.

The coming days do worry me. 350 km in the dessert on a sand/dirt road in a bad condition told by more then three persons to be a great challenge for bicyclists. You need to carry all water and food for the whole way, there is no water to get in the way unless you stop a car.

There are no lions but you may encounter chitas, hygenas or shakals among snakes and all bugs. I am puzzled. But I plan to do it. This is the last big challenge for this trip and then I will either go easy or ditch the bike under a pile of sand. I am actually tired but I will struggle a bit more. A bit more. I will finnish this. But I need luck and a good mood to take me through. I will have to use my brains to get my will to move over this dessert the coming days. I will even pray.

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