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The sand dunes

Now I get driven around like I am a friend of the farmer, my host on the campsite. He is truly very nice. He has done many businesses here in Namibia and he loves his country. Has he convinced me about this land, Africa for beginners.

He drives me over the worst road stretch over to the where the better road starts. On our way we stop by Solitaire a very famous bakery in Germany.

Some german nice guy wrote a book about this place and started to bake apple pies here. We have a pie and some nice coffee. Then we see two girls cycling a part of Namibia.

They have apparently went on the road I did not make but the days before me. Pretty cool ladies I must say. But they admire my bicycle and like many others they are amazed about me going on this one so far. My host and driver gives them directions and then we continue. I get droped of at the entrance to Soussovlei park. A national park with great red sand dunes.

I have no time to spill and get my tent to the campsite and then hitchhike in to the dunes. I get a lift with two old couples. They are very nice and chatty.

It takes a litle more time as they want to stop and look at many things but that is just fine. We arrive to the parking at the end and I walk the last km to the dunes really starts. One of the big attractions here is the Dead Vlei. I guess it means valley of death. It is ok nice to see when we arrive in late afternoon. Many people think it is too hot and stay as soon as they see the valley and some lady also collapses.

I know my limits better now and I want as much as possible of this place. I hike over the valley and climb the dune on the other end.

It is heavy and hot. Every two steps up means one sliding down. The great thing now is that I am alone and I feel great. I play and I try to slide down. It is not like having a board or a sleigh. It goes slow but makes a very cool noise like one of a distant airplane. Then I allmost burn my ancles and feet when sand gets all over. Hot sand. Super hot.

Aooowaaaaaooo!! I scream and jump down in big steps as fast as I can. Then I use the next days to get sand out of my shoes many times. It seems to get stuck between the fabrics. As I make my way back a light sandstorm makes the area filled with dust but I find my way.

After going back to the carpark I sit a bit more with the old people as they have a late lunch. Then this really cool couple comes in there awesome car.

They are from Brazil and after an afternoon practicing my german I get to speak portuguese which is nice. We have a great time talking about there trip through south, central and north America and the way which laysahead. We really enjoy meeting and I go back to show them the valley which they

missed since of language difficulties. I fit in there car in the back like a I dont know what, ha ha it is not much guest room.

Perfect! The valley is different now and so much more cool after a light sand storm and with the shadows coming with the sun starting to wander its way down.

It is a perfect company and we have a lot in common and it is very interesting to see there selfbuilt car.

They invite me for a simple but good dinner and we enjoy it so much under the stars in there campsite behind there car which they easily turn in to a kitchen with oven, stove and zink. I had a great day. A bit physical, more then expected but soo great. I will follow there adventure on Facebook, avoltaaomundo.

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