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3 days of dry landscape

99 km today. Wow this is pretty tough. I have taken a smaller road back to the road which I was suppose to go on from the start. But since I missed a turn on the map yesterday I ended up on the wrong road, a very bad road. The funny thing with the "small" road today is that it was better then the road I am on now, the "right" road. It was a day of beautiful landscapes but also of seeing death. I saw at least five dead wild animals and felt the smell of a couple more.

Also saw a wild horse in what may have been its last days.

Signs of drought and abandoned farms left behind.

In the evening I came just in time to buy something before the small campsite spot closed.

I was soon greeted by a nice couple from Switzwerland who were making one of there many long vacations here in Southern Africa by car.

They were very friendly and even if I allready had had my poorage dinner I could not say no when I was invited to there dinner. We had all very fun talking about travels and camping. It is allways so inspireing meeting a couple who have been happily married for a long time. Company was great, food was great. Now after two days of tough roads I was tired so I said good night before nine.

Slept good and hard. Seems like my air madress gives me less softness for every night. Oh well, only a couple of weeks left.

Next day I get awakened by the next campsite. Two super loud families from South Africa. Screaming and shouting at 5 in the morning as they get ready to leave, then the rousters scream and the dogs houller. Great. :)

I get up early and meet the Swiss couple for a breakfast.

I eat a big portion of cold mais poorage with coffee on the side. We enjoy the beautiful sunrise and take some pictures before I take off.

The day is very much like yesterday. Long, hot, tough road still but a litle bit better. It takes me ten hours to complete todays 100 km.

During the day I see mostly flyes, at least 10 around me all the time. There are cattle around but they seem to think I am more attractive. I see a Kameliont.

And late in the evening an osterage close by the road.

It is not the first one I see. I saw some of them back in the flat dessert bit further away then this one. After this, my third day in a row of cycling theese bumpy roads my arm wrists and knees start to ache more then before. But there is simplynot any cool places to stay. I am thinking of hitch hiking again, this landscape is beautiful but much of thesame.

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