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Like an eagle in the sky

Like an eagle in the sky, sang a good friend ones on an open mike on Havheld. It is a beautiful song and He is a great singer, David Sjölund. Anyway I sing on it as I fly down the hills and eye the vast stretches of the Namibian plains.

And when climbing, what must be one of Namibias longest uphills, I meet a classic Volkswagen bus. I wave, they wave. I see it go up again and over the hillside. As I reach the top I am then received as a winner! Oh what a cermony! I am so happy! They dont know me but are also going to Africa burn in a few weeks.

The landscape is changing now after beeing thesame for some days.

Wow! The rocks, the colors. The landscape is changing again. I watch the early moon and together with the landscape it looks like one of those space spray paintings made by some street artist in a touristy street in Europe. It is a very odd landscape to be on earth. My guess would have been Mars or "The land beyond" in Mio my mio, the childrens story by Astrid Lindgren.

Two days go by. I cycle in remote areas. I do around 100 km per day and there is really not much on the way except a couple of abandoned farms and maybe one farm still in use.

My black white spoted shirt is done after four month, now falling apart. And I buy a new one, a T-shirt.

Catle is usually bony, you can see the ribs. It is many small rocky hills and big open landscapes with wild horses.

Some more bony then others.

Someone tells me they are left from the germans, from the war.

Just before arriving the camp sight this evening I saw a dussin girafs galoping slowly in the late evening sun. Look closely!

During the day I met a couple again who I first met in Uganda. They have travelled with this car all the way from England to Uganda to Tanzania and followed the east coast of Africa and now they go north again and want to leave or sell the car in Tanzania. (Anyone interested?)

He gives me a shirt to protect my arms after my shirt was falling apart and I started wearing a T-shirt. I got burned the first day.

I get a campsite at this cool place called roadhouse

and during the evening I chat with the manager and a construction worker. We have fun together and they also tell me about how to best visit the canyon which is close by.

It feels great to know some people so I gladly stay two nights while I visit the canyon.

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