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Vättern Route, South Africa

Distance: 320 km

Time: 19 h and 8 min

I wanted to lay this distance behind,

since it is the distance of a great bicycle race in Sweden, Vättern Runt.

My way of doing it was in a way easier because of the perfect temperature, about 25 degrees.

But with a slight side and sometimes head wind of 2-3 m/s.

The road may be more scenic and unic here, as for me beeing Swedish,

but that also means huge climbs up,

and great long,

fast hills down.

I divided the distance in four legs, 80 km each.

That meant three stops for about 10 minutes with a second breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Starting 5.30 in the morning after my great host Marios breakfast. Then two hours in the dark before sun rises. And the last 6 hours also in the dark, finnishing at 01,38 in the night.

I pedal the fully equipt bicycle for my greater trip for touring Kenya to South Africa.

and all food needed for 24 h and 10 L of water.

It all went well, not even a flat tyre. I am prowd to be one of all who has completes this distance.

I was doing an average of about 20 km/h for the first 220 km. But the last 100 km was tough and went slow.

As soon as I reached the whole way, I camped on first possible spot. Not far from the small town Clanwilliam which I go to in the morning and stop for a good rest.

And now the day after, I am as tired as I look.


Actually I am still tired today and now it is the second day of rest.

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