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Clanwilliam and Picketberg

Tough that 320 km distance.

I struggled 15 km in the morning to the nearest town, Clanwilliam and found a great small guesthouse for a reasonable price with a great careing host.

Elephant River guest house. Town is small, old and with some victorian architecture making it really cute. I only take it slow, do internet, draw a litle on a architecture project, blogg and eat. I eat loads of cakes, muffins and yummie stuff, ribbs at a nice bar. Where I come back for a beer and tired but amused I enjoy the local university kids partying for a bit.

I also meet this Joe, landscape photographer. He invites me as soon as I walk in to acrestaurant, to come join his table. He has seen me on the road and now decides he will provide me with fika over a good chat.

Unfortunatly he gets me really interested in going to visit Lesotho, this small country within South Africa. But I dont know yet.

So I thought of resting one day but happy I rest two days because I am still very tired even in the morning of the third day as I set of again.

Now I cycle about 100 km to Picketberg. It is a tough day. I am feeling tired from the start and it continues like before up and down, up and down. In the midle there is a tough mountain pass to get over and I I walk for many parts upwards. Especially since I have a head wind at the same time as it goes steep upwards.

I pass a big farm with these beautiful plains. And I stand and watch for a long time. Waving at the pilot and dream of him taking me with him in his fantastic double decker. But he doesnt. Oh well. But I enjoy my fantasy of it and it is a great inspiration watching him take of waving at me, doing a loop around and souring over my head waving down at me again.

And then I go up that mountain pass and the back of the mountain range reveals an incredible view over a landscape

with only one drawback, the wind. I can actually see the town Picketberg where I am going at this stage, its about 40 km away. First ten is downhill but then 30 km which takes me over three hours in the strong wind. But hey! I meet some good old road friends once again.

Same nice happy family who greeted me about a week ago. Now they are on there way home from there camping trip. I also get stoped by this family who offers me a beer

and somewhere to stay in Cape Town.

Easter is here and the town I arrive to, Picketberg is very quiet.

Guesthouses seems close. So I ask my way to the Priest.

The priest, Martin, or minister of church as he likes to be called, is super nice and we have a great dinner and many nice talks. He provides me shelter and we share food. I cook dinner and he makes us a great breakfast.

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