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Suburb Cape Town

My journey continues through the landscape towards Cape town. Up and down. Not much on the flat. Very few towns. I see melons growing along the road,

a black flat snake

and three owls. I started a bit late from Picketberg. It was just such a nice breakfast with Martin the churchman. So I cycle on all day. My goal is to visit the lady Ina, who has contacted me through facebook, who would love to be my host. That is great. She is retired and wants to show me a bit of the area surroundings. It is great knowing I have somewhere to go and I will get to see a part close by but outside Cape Town for a bit.

So with all the hills and the wind it goes a bit slow. It is dark before I reach and the last uphill

is so steep and long there is no way I can cycle up for it. But I get there and Ina greets me with her friend and dinner. It is very cosy and we have sparkling wine and indian food. Ina used to work as a publisher and her friend is still in it.

We talk about my blog as a book and maybe it could be. We also talk about Africa and adventures and travels made. Inas home is very small. It is full of things. It could be a shop. It is many carpets on the floors. A couple of small groups of sofas and furnitures. Small shrines, boxes and nice things. All probably with its own story how it joined Ina and why it is there now.

The next day Ina takes me out with the car on a long nice car ride. We go in the beautiful landscape to some wineyards.

It is very relaxing and I gasp all day. We talk and talk. Ina listens and reflects, telling me that I have learned a lot and from what she hears I can now be comfortable on my own, without feeling lonely. And I have started to trust a gut feeling. If this is true it is invalueable skills for me.

We go to one place and drink a great sweet port.

Then go to a beautiful cosy town for a nice lunch and a strol. Then a coffee on the way and we really have no plan. We pass the township or the ghetto. It is a lot of theese neighborhoods.</p></span>

But before heading home we stop and try some whites and some reds. The landscape is fantastic with the wineyards and the mountains in the background. It is very intense talking this much after beeing alone for so long. So it is tiresome and I sleep early. In the morning of the second day it is time to set of and now I will not finnish my trip but I will reach Cape Town, but it will still take some time before going to Cape point. I have some people to meet and the festival Africa burn to go to.

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