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To be lost...for a moment, Africa Burn 2/2

This is the second post about Africa Burn and a very interesting but a bit scarry one as I meet someone who shared his experience of a night getting high.


Africa Burn is deffinatly an experience and a strange and funny one. I do not know if I will ever come to an event like this ever again. There are beautiful things with it like how people come together and make things.

People give and share. But the drugs. The drugs are they needed? I guess they have been there for centuries or way back also. All this week seeing so many happy people made me see a little of one thing and hear about something else. People come here and try. Different things, even drugs. It may be a good place to try it since there are a lot of people here knowing about the risks. And I guess you can learn from them about there mistakes. Others or your own.

The good thing is that they do have lectures about drugs here. Bad thing about it is still that some people dont atend but still try.

Now, I am totally raised and aware of that drugs are bad. I have always said no. I dont believe you should risk control of your life for drugs. But I wanted to know how it feels so I made a kind of interview with someone and asked him to write down his experience of his night on drugs.

Name: Someone sharing my story for you

Age: 31

Nationality: Scandinavian


So tell me about your experience?

I am a normal guy and yes not all happy all the time, a bit stupid at times. But I live a good life and allmost all my life with no drugs. I love the burn. Had so much fun.


We talk, laugh and share. I give out bracelets, you gave me snacks, someone gives me a hug or a drink or a necklaces or offered me a breathe of their joint. You dont really exchange. You are just nice. So I tried a bit more this week. I was already happy from alcohol but you know how alcohol also makes you a bit stupid.

So then here some people who really laugh a lot tell me they take LSD. So I have no clue what that is and someone offers me a drop of LSD. It seemed so innocent. It is a gift right. It is a drop. One single small drop. This guy tells me it is not so bad because it is only one small drop.


Ok, like Snowwhite tried in the saga, or Eva in Eden?The witch is not here and no big snake. But this is no saga either?

Ha ha, true, true man. This man is friendly you know and returns a gift, I am a full grown man and the drop is just so innocent, clear and tiny on my big hand. The poisonous fruit. How much drugs can one drop contain? I lick that drop and thank him.

I go on and party. And a few hours still I am just as happy as before. No laugh attacks or anything but just like before in a good mood. Dance but not more then usual. Then I am talking to these people about there cookies and how I love baking cookies. They offer me a brownie and of course I love to have a cookie. Oh no man. You should not eat peoples cookies in a place like this. But I am not so smart now. And I do not know much about drugs or mixing drugs. I just never thought of trying more then smoking some weed before.

I go out in the dark. They are just now lighting the fire of the beautiful wooden temple. I see a man. We chat a little. The moment is magical as they turn all music of for a few minutes in this whole week. We stand and watch. It is so beautiful. Then I get offered to sit with him and his friends. It is so beautiful.

Suddenly I feel so high. I am on drugs. Some weed now. You say to yourself, you are so not doing this. So on drugs.


So what happened? Did you see unicorns? Did you feel sick? Scared?

Hallucinations started and picked up in a crazy speed. In the morning I wrote down what I saw as It was wearing of.

Wow! That rush! That was so insane. So unreal. I saw that we are only in that little fragment of all those big books in the library of the books of worlds, I saw! Wow we are so small. Everything is spinning in front of me constantly. All those trees. O I want so much sex. So beautiful women. Unbelievable nice breasts. All those breasts. Like landscapes. Sooo high!! I was so fucking high up, so much spectrums. So psychedelic. Really so high. I was spinning soo much in those worlds of kaleidoscopes. Wow! That rush! So forbidden. Such a fucking intense rush. Oh people will so look down on me for this, no one can know.

Look apparently it just happened. People just gave me some drugs. I asked for the brownie. I was so in the way in to that LSD rush already. That hashbrownie in that tent. Then some good weed, yes he called it good weed. Then looking, as they lit that fire of the temple. Such a rush. Met that beautiful man from Germany. The director. We shared that moment. So wow. So intense. So beautiful sitting next to that man. He cried. Not him, the other guy. He was totally also on drugs. Wow, such a rush. I saw all those lights. It all went so beautiful. All those colorful lights. All those lights among all those happy people. Wow! I just had a so great sick trip. So many colors in those psychedelic views. Don't ever play like that again, I told myself. So out there. So high. I could have died. But I am safe now right? I am still here but I will be okey right?! I am in the sanctuary.

That little drop of acid on my hand. So crazy. So many desserts. In so many instagrams, hashtaging everything, spinning around. Oh so ridiculous with all these hallucinations. I got so much of a trip. I got so much friends around me. And that kiss. The Californian girl. She kissed me. So nice kiss. I love to kiss. Great, so no one can read this, dude. That spectrum that kaleidoscope in the dessert. That brown and that blue.

Lucy in the sky with diamonds. I saw so many diamonds in that sky, crystals glass reflections.

Jihhhhhhaaaaaa! So fucking much adrenalin shooting of in a roler coster with an insane curve. Wow I can not tell about this. This curve man, I was in all those shapes in all those curves. Just surfing a beautiful womans body. Woaaaaahhh!!! Such a rush. It was so much my trip. I could not tell you. It was so incredible. Such an experience. Wow so many moviestars and musicians saw this. They were all here. And they did not come out. That is a sick way of dying. So passing through everything so formula 1 fast. So roler coster fast.

I am driving so many motorcycles. Hundred at the same time. Wow that is so sick, so many motorbikes. I am so out of scale.

O she is moving. I am in her bed in the morning. Watching her beautiful body in the first light in the day.


Did you have sex?

No man. These are all hallucinations.

So tripping around on that strange landscape of hers. So intense. Wow is this really what it is like. It is all those psychedelic paintings but with detailed photos in those colorful dots in a spiral shape, giving so much reflections. So many reflections. So insane reflections both to see and both in words. Wow so intense. It was like so many things going on at the same time. All rooms I was in. The rooms in that falling space around me. Wow I was sitting on that tree trunk in the dessert in the darkness. So high! Then I got so high. You would not believe that sick image of this spooky ghost with the mirror face. He had my smile. Wow but not looking like a smile. Just an empty mirror reflecting the sky. All over the sky was my giant smile. So insane! Such a sick rush. I am so not allowed to do this. So sorry mum. Now this was so fucking over the line. Not okay at all. So high! That brownie, the weed. But that LSD must have just bitten all of it.

People must have seen this before, so alike my trip. Then they made those batik clothes. So ugly strange clothes in our world. You know those crazy uggly shirts. But so shimmering and blinking before me right now in that cloud of space- calodioscopes. I so want to tell about this, but still not. I can not. Or do I have to. You write it down but you can not tell about me. I dont know if this is legal even.


So did you like it? Regrets?

I have now had this experience. The craziest and most uncontrolled scariest in my life. A crazy rush made by so innocent looking drugs. I will never ever do this again. But, regrets. No, but I could probably just as well have died. What if I was not helped to the sanctuary? Maybe I would have done something totally out of control. Maybe hurt myself or someone else. Yes, I would not have liked that. That was my ones in a lifetime. Never again.

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